November 14, 2006

Style Verdict - Wide Leg Pants

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Ok, I have to admit, I am a bit baffled by this particular trend. When it first emerged, I really didn't know what to make of it, and I still kinda don't. Not saying that I don't like the trend or anything, I just feel a little confused by it. Like when and where do you wear the wide leg pant look and how do you pull it off without looking (and feeling) like a dufus? I mean look at the volume on these pants! You could practically jump out of a plane and catch enough air in these things to land safely, escaping any hurt, harm or injury. But hey, don't let my current confusion about this trend sway your opinion, because I truly want to know what you think about it. Do you love it? Hate it? Don't care? Would you buy it and wear it?
I wanna know your style verdict.

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  1. WAAAAAAYYYYYY hotter than Skinny Jeans

    I dig this look...had I a girlfriend I'd want her to rock that.

    Good biz. your opinion,
    Better Style:

    Alicia Keys


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  2. I like the wide legged pant look but not the baggy part of the style. I wear the wide pants but the fit on the hips and I make sure they are not overly long like in the pictures.

  3. I like the look the way it is put together on Katie Holmes. The other two ladies look sloppy.

  4. I like the look that Katie Holmes has... the need to be a tad shorter.

  5. I've always been a fan of the wide leg pants when they're done in a more "chic" look. Even wide leg denim pants (not jeans). But I, too, need the pants to at least fit my waist & hips, then I can appreciate the flow of the wide legs. :-) I think they should be a tad longer in length, but not dragging the ground. To me, that doesn't look very well put together.

  6. this is the style i tried to bring up unsuccessfully! love the fact you're bringing it back!

  7. I like it as long as the pants do not have any pleats in the front! If they fit in the hips and aren't too slouchy there, then pairing them with a more simple, tailored top works for me:)

  8. To e.

    I guess if I HAD to choose between Alicia and Bigga on which one had the best style...

    if I just HAD to choose...

    I GUESS I'd HAVE to say...

    beyonce. But she's still NOT my favorite!

  9. I am a huge fan of wide leg pants, though I just successfully crossed the plateau into jeans that really fit (thanks chanel & sarah b.!).

    I agree with everyone else...I love the wide legs (not too long), don't care for the wide hips and waist (that J.Lo pict is a travesty).

  10. lol @ chanel's comments!

    I'm the same... "but she still NOT my favorite!" lol!

  11. I like them only if the pants are nice and structured and paired with a fitted top. It brings it all together.

    BTW, I choose Beyonce, too!

  12. you know I love wide legs and I actually have pairs of wide legs as well as the skinnys ..but I have to say you just need the right top and the proper heels to make the wide leg look hot.

  13. JLo looks like Michael Jackson in this pic.

  14. I normally hate posh's style, and this is one of the pics that I like her even, even if she is on the emaciated side. Wide-legged = slight insouciance. But of course, they can be a bit unflattering of the wider-hipped amongst us. In general, though, I digg.

  15. i hate this new wide-leg trend. they look like pajamas.

  16. i like this trend. i have a pair of high waited wide leg trouser fitted pants love them with my stilettos, going out for a night out with the hubby. i give them a dressed down look with a fitted feminine muscle tee long necklaces and of course...stilettos.

  17. I just signed on to follow your blog.
    Loving the wide leg pants and always have! I have tons and I am tall and no hips, so this trend is very flattering for me. Long skirts are a go-to as well :) I am a 46 yr old new blogger who really likes sites that give me options. You came up on my search for what to wear with wide-leg pants!