November 6, 2006

Time to Get Started...

Remember this? Well, I'm about to get started, as I have been completely just a little out of control... since MY BIRTHDAY! And some of ya'll have already called me on it (thanks a lot Ghettofabu) but in all seriousness, I appreciate her because I do need to do something, so starting TODAY, after completing some client files, I'm starting the program! And I'm gonna be committed! Because I really don't want to turn into a little piglet. I'll keep you updated...


  1. Good luck to you

    I also purchased Turbo Jam and am enjoying.

    Much success to you...and me :-D

  2. Hey Hip Candy,

    I think Im going to gett this too...i got to lose some weight before homecoming in february. got make all the ex's mad that they did me wrong.