November 5, 2006

Tracy Reese Does 'Plenty' for Spring...

How much do I adore PLENTY Frock, Tracy Reese's new Spring '07 line of dresses??? Tracy's spring dress line was too fab not to share right now...

"There's room to breathe and to eat," Tracy Reese, exclaims of the many easy, pretty dresses in her spring 2007 secondary line, Plenty. Reese is known for cutting a dress just right to flatter a real woman's curves. Together with her bohemian/ladylike aesthetic, part Josephine Baker, part Audrey Hepburn, her dresses give "la vie en rose" to women of all shapes.

Elle Magazine describes the vibe of Tracy's spring collection as very "best friend's closet", that is, if your best friend happened to have the sweetest dress collection imaginable. I have to agree... I am soooo loving these dresses, and who wouldn't? Cute dresses with ROOM TO BREATHE & EAT?
I heart her...

Click here to visit her site.
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  1. I've always been a fan of Tracy Reese's designs... love her use of color. I wear so much black that I should have been a New Yorker! I've been trying to add color to my wardrobe. These dresses are great inspirations for Spring!

  2. I love this line! And I have to admit, I'm a victim of the black wardrobe (I wearing black now...), but I'm trying to break free from it! Love this post!