November 29, 2006

Window Shopping: Holiday Cozy

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire... me watching "Merry Christmas Charlie Brown" on the sofa with a blanket and some warm socks, all while sipping on a warm chocolatey beverage with sweet whipped cream. Ahh, the Holidays. We're talking about some serious Holiday Cozy here people. So check out the fabulous Holiday Cozy I found below and get some ideas for yourself or for someone on your gift list who could really use some Holiday Cozy. And yes, I like to say "Holiday Cozy". I heart it.

Wool Fair Isle top and hot pants in sizes XS–L, by Free People. Want it? Check it out here and here.

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Soft Sherpa Slippers. Closed toe with open back slide. Gap. Want them? Get them here.

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Velour footie pajamas. The Pajama Company. Want them? Get the bottoms here and the top here.

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Damsel Contrast Button Up Romper. All in one! Urban Outfitters. Fab online price. Want it? Get it here.

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Thermal Long Jane PJs. Victoria's Secret. But wait! That's not all! Victoria's Secret is also giving away FREE SLIPPERS (a friggin' $25 value!) with select sleepwear purchases! Enter the word SLIPPER at checkout if you buy. You REALLY want these Thermal Long Jane PJs now don't ya!

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How cute are these slippers! Printed footbed and bow detail. Faux suede sole. Victoria's Secret.

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Bling Boatneck Sleepshirt. Wear it off the shoulder for a little bit of added sexy. Victoria's Secret.

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And in case you missed out on our previous Holiday window shopping:
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Style IT said...

hi! i came across your site through coutorture, and i was wondering if you'd like to exchange links?

daddylikeyblog said...

What a fabulous and comfy post! Makes me want to lounge.

Nikky said...

Ooooh, love the striped pj's. I was just looking through their catalog last night, and there's another super cute pair of thermal pj's that I need to get up on quick. It's been cold like the dickens at night out here in lala land, I need to be warm n' sexylicious when I lay my head down. ;)

Miss Chi Chi said...

Okay Hip now you make me regret NOT picking up a VS PJ this past weekend at the mall, loL!

Anonymous said...

Hi..I saw the promo that Victoria Secret is doing- the free slippers with the purchase of pajamas. I was wondering what do the slippers look like? Are they pink with a string to tie and they say Pink in cursive? Thank you so much.



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