November 8, 2006

Window Shopping: Shoes Fit For the Holidays

Hey ya'll, we're window shopping for holiday shoes! See my picks (my shortlist) below for the funky fresh shoes that you could wear throughout the holidays and beyond!
(above) Bottega Veneta Wool Pumps, $540. Don't these just scream "Happy Holidays!" And they'd also be really cute with jeans. Reached your "Baller" status and want to get these shoes? Work it out then playgirl! Get them here or here, 877-362-1715.

(above) Oh Deer Audrey Peep Toe Heels. $85. These work for the holidays or everyday. Loving the peep toe right now. Been looking for a pair with a price tag that I don't mind for a minute. Check the chic "Louboutin like" red soles! Nice, without the Louboutain price. Want them? Get them here.

(above) Nine West Inside Boots. $169. Warm and fashionable, for those of you who live in areas with actual seasons. I liked these because the folded flap can easily adjust to fit as a bootie or a tall boot! Cute right! Want them? Get them here.

Candie's "See Me" Pumps. That name is hot. $35.
** breaks into caroling**
Christmas time is here... happiness and cheer...
Remember that song from Charlie Brown? I don't know why these shoes reminded me of that song, but they did. I have it [A Charlie Brown Christmas] on CD. Bought it from Starbucks last year, it's really very good...
Anyways, want these shoes? Get them here.


  1. I want the green shoes! Green and blue are my favorite colors. I'll wear those heels around the house, lol!

  2. Yes! Those wool pumps are amazing. Like mimss chi chi said, I'd do house chores in those shoes!

    I'm lovin' the peep toe pumps right now too. I am SO slackin on my pimpin when it comes to my shoe game... Guess I gotta hustle harder!!! ;-)

  3. Love the Bottega Veneta Wool Pumps!!

  4. I have been eyeing those Bottega Veneta pumps for so long and oh how I wish I was the type of person who could spend $540 on shoes instead of debating if the $50 BCBGirls heels on sale at Nordstrom Rack are gonna be worth the splurge. damnit.

  5. Those shoes are soooooooooooo fabulous and what an awesome photo. I showed this blog to my girl friend and she really liked it as myself and she really really loved those shoes. Unfortunately we just purchased Women's Steve Madden Saddle boots. her next purchase purchase will be those.