December 4, 2006

Blog Fabulous...

Hey ya'll! I recently came to the realization that I say "ya'll" a lot. I'm sooo southern, right? But not in the "skankalicious Britney Spears showing off her bumcake to anyone who wants to look at it" kinda way. Cuz you see, I'm southern, but I'm still FABULOUS! Fabulous because I wear underwear. Like 99.9% of the time. So check out these blog fabulous links while I wrap up some files and get it together for ya'll, all fabulous like, for later on this week.

Kate. Spade. Giveaway. Speaks for itself if you ask me. [Swish Style]

Think you can do the "uh-oh" dance performing as a background dancer for Beyonce? Because she'll be auditioning dancers in a city near you real soon, but don't screw up this chance! Cuz you know she could have another you in a minute. [The Hot Mess]

Watch your back Jennifer! Seriously, watch your back.
Black Raspberry Love]

WTH??? The answer to these is NO, NOPE, Uh-Uh... don't even worry about what the question is. [FabSugar]

Now you can translate Hip Candy into Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian or German! I'd bookmark this one. [Google Translator]

I've been wanting to try some of these for a while now. [Girlpaint]

Jennifer Hudson makes a fab covergirl! Like I said before Jen, watch your back. [Pop Culture Junkie]

Jill Marie Jones does not miss being on Girlfriends. [Mahogany Girl]

Well, I don't really need this as I've made it 11 years over the weekend, (woo-hoo!) Still thought it was a cute idea though... [Stylehive]


  1. C, I just wanna thank ya'll for the link to GirlPaint--by the way, I say "ya'll" all the time (I'm a Texan). Bye ya'll.

  2. mmm, I'll have to try out that Google Translator. Good lookin on that Kate Spade bag giveaway too! Did you check out the eelskin camel colored one she has up...FIERCE!

  3. thanks for the link! you're the best!

  4. OMG! I say ya'll all the time. I'm from Ga. and I never really knew how much I used it until I moved to Hawaii some months ago. I might be like "hey ya'll" and people look at me like I'm!

    Oh yea, thanks for the link!