December 21, 2006

Cute, Not Cute? Jennifer, Penelope & Beyonce

Jennifer Hudson's look. Cute, or not cute?

Penelope Cruz's look. Cute, or not cute?

Beyonce's look. Cute, or not cute?

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  1. I'll take Penelope for 200 Alec!

  2. Beyonce - Hell to the naw. NOT CUTE. The back is not working in her favor.

    Penelope - NOT CUTE. The outfit makes her look manly.

    Jennifer - NOT CUTE. The dress is a little busy.

    But over all Jeffifer's look is the best to me.

  3. Jennifer...the pattern is very busy thus making the boots a little much. She could have toned the look down with a pair of pumps.

    Penelope...the looks is a little matronly for my taste, but it works for her.

    Beyonce...I surprisingly like the butt ruffles, but it seems a bit much for MTV.

  4. Beyonce looks like a bird from the rear. She has a duck butt!

  5. Jennifer, I like her dress [on her] but the boots throw it off. BUT, I must give Jennifer credit for almost ALWAYS dressing appropriately for her body type, and still looking GREAT! That's a skill she should be proud of on the red carpet!

    Penelope, it's nice, but the hair should have been up. She could have glammed the look up a bit, too. I don't know what the event was, but all things being equal, it's not a bad outfit.

    Beyonce, *sighs* This is such a Beyonce dress. That being said, it's hideous! From the front, too cute! But it should be 3-4 inches longer. The back, well I guess she had to do something at the bottom to balance out the huge head of hair up top. ;-)

  6. Jennifer looks like Jenny from the Blah! Not cute. She needs a stylist ASP.

    Penelope looks fab. Love the wide leg pants. Cute!

    Beyonce just proves that everybody can't wear everything. She is beautiful and her body is great, but her fashion sense is getting worse every day. NOT CUTE!

  7. Jennifer...NO

    Penelope...LOVE IT!

    Beyonce...she needs to stop the madness w/that get up. YIKES!

  8. Ya'll are too funny! I actually liked Penelope's look, even though it's a bit monotone and muted, it's still has a polished, put-together look to me.

    Beyonce... I think ya'll said it all.

    And Jennifer, I think SHE'S cute, but I've seen her do better in the style dept.

  9. I think Jen shoulda worn some black sandals instead of those big a$$ boots.
    P looks cute but coulda jazzed up her look witha bitta color.
    And I'm lovin' B's hair! Don't like the dress, & shoes are just ok.

  10. Chanel, I could SO see you in Penelope's outfit! Cute & Chic!

  11. I think Beyonce thinks she is the female Andre 3000...that she can put on any kind of foolishness and rock it. some times it don't work!!

    Jennifer- so to say, my fellow big girl needs a stylist who cares cuz not all patterns look good on big girls

    Salma-yes! classy but a little covered for her...

  12. Beyonce looks like she's pooping feathers.

  13. You are right, B's dress should be a bit longer in the front and not so boufy in the back! then it would be beautiful- its a great color on her!

    Penelope- no no theres just something about it thats...wrong. maybe if she had those pants and shoes with a fitted black oxford. .but the sweater and cardy is far too 'smart set' for me lol

    and i agree i dont mind the dress on jennifer, she needs to lose the boots. but overall, she could have worn something better.

    black girls for beginners

  14. No excuse for that mess Beyonce is wearing. Jennifer's dress is a bit too busy. A solid color would have been perfect for her.

  15. Beyonce's dress looks like throwup! Thats the ugliest dress I've ever seen! Ever!!!!!!

  16. penelope only, even still her outfit is not "cute" it's more of a sophisticated look.

  17. Penolope:Cute
    Beyonce:Not cute

  18. Jennifer- It's plain

  19. Beyonce stuffing green feathers up her wide ass is NOT CUTE. Advice to B-Just say no to Momma Knowles Creations. On the other hand, Jen Hudson's look is FIERCE. She dresses well to accentuate her curves.

  20. Jennifer Hudson is beautiful girl, but the Asian inspired print is to busy for her shape. I'd have loved to see her in a solid. Lose the print, get sandals, keep the make-up and hair style. And don't dress like you are going to a friends house to watch a movie if you are going to an awards show or a big party. I am sorry but I have to say this outfit is NOT cute, but could be with some work.

    Penelope Cruz... Love the trousers and the make-up. Not liking the jacket. Even though I like her shirt, I think it would have looked better if she would have shown her shoulders with a shimmering pale gray halter-neck tank and worn sparkling bangles on her wrists. Also agree... hair up to show off her long neck. And if she was cold she could have brought a slightly darker shade of gray wrap. This outfit is CUTE enough.

    Beyonce Knowles is stunning. I love her whole look except the back of her dress. It would be find for the stage, but it looks like she is on set. That is a little to much that close to the camera (unless it was a high fashion photo shoot which it obviously isn't.)However, I do have to say I love the how the front fits her body perfectly. This outfit is CUTE, but needs a little revision.

  21. Whats with the whole peacock-look on Beyonce? I usually love her, but this is just soo NOT CUTE..!

  22. i kinda like it particularly beyonsaye it fabulouse and cute!!!

  23. Not feeling any of them...Penelope would come in first of the three though...