December 31, 2006

Happy New Year from Hip Candy!

From "All of Us" here at

And by "all of us" I basically mean, me..."all of us" just sounded more impressive to me at the time. Anyways, thank ya'll so much for all of the support in 2006.
***fighting back the tears***
Your undeniable support of Hip Candy in 2006 means you liked me... you REALLY liked me! Well guess what?! I liked ya'll even more! Here's to looking forward to an even bigger and better 2007! Be back "next year!"


  1. that was a very Halle Berry-esque speech...

    "I'd like to thank all the black actresses that have paved the way for me *sniff sniff* to get the role of a lifetime. Thank you to those who played the prostitutes, the maids, waitress #2, single mother #4...Hollywood finally accepts me! *sniff sniff cry* "

    Ha! Yes Hip Candy, we really like you!

  2. Love the New Look!

    Can't wait to see Hip Candy blow everyone out of the water in 2007!!!


  3. Nita-
    Your comment made me HOLLER!

    Too funny.

  4. I like the new and improved Hip Candy! Love, peace and prosperity to you in 2007!