December 13, 2006

Inspired by L.A.M.B... 2nd Update.

All done! Well just about, the zipper's not in yet. And I rarely do zippers, (more on that later too along with my infamous step-skipping) so as of right now, the dress is at the tailor to get the zipper put in. And I know most of you were against the belt loops, and I ended up putting them in anyway, but let me explain my reasoning! I feel like the distinct red and green plaid pattern gives it a really distinguishable holiday feel. So with that in mind, I just said "why not" to the belt loops, you know, just make it a seasonal holiday dress, and the belt loops could be easily removed if my plans change.

So I figured I'd wear a black belt with the dress (not the brown one pictured) with a black opaque tight and black shoes. What do ya'll think? The Holiday Party is this Thursday night. I am going to take one last photo with the dress on so that you can see the exact fit and guess what? I look skinny in it! That alone may make me wear it past the holidays! Nice.


  1. Look who' bad with the skills!


  2. Yeah, I agree that black accessries is the way to go. Nice work Chanel.

  3. Love the dress Chanel! You were about business with this! Stop being afraid of those zippers. I have tutorial bookmarked that will have you doing invisible zippers with your eyes closed! Can't wait to see a picture with you wearing it... the black accessories are going to look great!

  4. Thanks Sarah, Keli and Erica for that encouragement!

    Erica, we'll talk more...