December 1, 2006

My Interview with ANTM's Amanda...

The older twin, Amanda was eliminated this week from Top Model and I had a late phone interview with her on last evening. And not to be confused with her sister Michelle, Amanda was the obvious talker. Check out my interview with her below and find out the real reason she thinks the judges eliminated her, how she feels about Melrose, and who she thinks is more of a Diva, herself or her sister...

Amanda: Hi Chanel!
Me: Hi Amanda! How are you?

Amanda: I'm good!
Me: Well congratulations, you made it a long way on the show.
Amanda: Yes I did, I'm happy.
Me: I actually found out the other day when I was talking to your sister Michelle that you were the older twin. How much older are you?
Amanda: I'm 15 minutes older, and she broke her leg as we were being born, I don't know if she mentioned that.
Me: Wow! No she didn't. What happened again?
Amanda: Well, she was coming out feet first and they had to flip her around and she broke her foot.
Me: Wow, that sounds serious!
Amanda: Oh, it wasn't too bad, she was fine.
Me: Ok, so you guys are from Anaheim, California right?
Amanda: Yep, born and raised!
Me: So that's like the real "O.C."?
Amanda: Um, it's part of the O.C., it's like the heart of it, but it's not ANYTHING like the TV show. The closest beach is like 45 minutes away.
Me: Oh, so you're closer to Disneyland?
Amanda: Yeah, we’re about 5 minutes from Disneyland.
Me: So how did you and your sister Michelle find out that you had made it onto Top Model?
Amanda: Well, we got a phone call telling us that we made it to the top 33, and from there it was just finding out what was next from the process of elimination.
Me: Were you guys the first set of twins that made it onto the show?
Amanda: Yeah, I had heard that there were another set of twins before us, but we were the first set of twins that actually made it onto the show. Naima, one of the previous Top Model winners is a twin.
Me: Oh yeah, she is a twin, but you're right, her sister wasn't on the show. Ok, let's get to last week's challenge, when you guys found out that your next challenge was a dancing challenge, you seemed a little nervous about it, but then you ended up doing pretty good. Were you able to block out your nerves?
Amanda: Um, it wasn't the nerves so much, but I am a slower learner. I had to keep having them do it over and over again. It was really fast-paced and the other girls were picking up on it way quicker. I needed them to show me a couple more times so that I could get it. But once I practiced I could do it. It really wasn't easy to learn a dance in like, 2 hours.
Me: Well you ended up doing pretty good.
Amanda: Yeah, I did fine, but I did need the extra practice.
Me: Eugena ended up winning that challenge, and she picked you as her "co-winner", were you surprised she picked you and not Caridee, because she and Caridee seemed to be closer?
Amanda: Um, a little bit, I was surprised, but I think she [Eugena] picked me because she was like telling me that I had done a good job, you know, because I tried so hard, so it was like her telling me that you deserve to be up here with me. And I thought that was really nice.
Me: It was. Ok, let’s talk about this "icy pool" challenge, because that really seemed like some foolishness to me. Your partner, Caridee had to pull out early because, HELLO, the water was ridiculous cold! But you were able to stay in with no problem.
Amanda: I think what happened was that Caridee floated better, but I kind of moved around a lot in the water more which kept me warmer. And when we had a break, Caridee would just stop moving and stand still in the water so she got colder quicker. I actually looked pretty ridiculous in the pool jumping up and down, but I was staying warm! So I think that actually gave me an advantage.
Me: What do you think about what Tyra had to say about you having an "edgy" look and a "high-fashion" look, but still being a little awkward?

Amanda: Um, I think she had a point, but I mean, I don't think I was that awkward, I do think that I appeared awkward on that last panel because I kind of messed up on the dance when they asked us to do it and they pointed that out... they talked about how my foot was awkward, but, I don't know. I think that I have a good look for modeling, which I think will work to my advantage, and I'll just have to work harder to get past the awkward part.
Me: Well you do have a good look, and you took some really nice photos (Amanda: Thank you) so what was your favorite Top Model challenge?
Amanda: The acting challenges, when we were able to get on film, that was a lot of fun for me. I really like doing that. I like acting and doing theater for fun, so maybe one day I'll do it more seriously.
Me: Ok, let's get to your elimination. Were you surprised that you and your sister ended up being eliminated a week apart?
Amanda: Yeah, I kinda was, I thought I would stay longer, and I thought we were a strong final four but the judges decided at that point to point out my awkwardness. I think the judges were just looking for any reason to send someone home then.
Me: You said you wanted it more than your sister, and your sister even said that you wanted it more, so did getting eliminated from Top Model make your drive to be a model even stronger?
Amanda: Yeah I mean, Top Model was a big opportunity, but I do think that I got a lot out of it, and it’ll help me pursue my career, so I think everything I learned will help me to do better.

Me: Do you think it was easier for you while you had your sister there?
Amanda: Um, it didn’t make that big of a difference, I mean it was nice to have her there, I could kind of focus more after she was gone, but I mean, she wasn’t gone away that long!
Me: That’s true. Well, your sister told me that she was going to finish out her semester at school and then continue to pursue modeling. What are your plans are now that the show is over?
Amanda: Well I’m going to finish out my semester too, since there’s only 2 weeks left, there’s no reason to drop out now! And then I definitely want to find an agency and see where that can take me.
Me: So do you plan to stay in California?

Amanda: For now, yeah, I want to start in L.A. and see where that takes me and if I end up overseas, then that’ll be my next step!
Me: Who would you like to see win Top Model this season?
Amanda: I don’t know, but my gut feeling is saying that it’s going to be a “blonde”. I think Eugena’s a great person but her portfolio wasn’t as strong… I don’t know, I just have the feeling that it’s going to be a blonde.
Me: So you’re thinking either Caridee or Melrose?
Amanda: That’s what my gut is telling me.
Me: Ok, onto my fun questions! Ready? (Amanda: Ok.) If you had to choose between Melrose and Monique to be roommates with, who would you choose?
Amanda: Melrose! In a heartbeat! In a heartbeat! I got along with Melrose, I mean, most people didn’t, but we had good conversations, and Monique was just, ridiculous.

Me: Monique was pretty over the top. (Amanda: She was unreal.) Ok, who was funnier, Jaeda or Caridee?
Amanda: That’s a good one! Wow, I think Jaeda had like more of a comedian aspect but Caridee was funnier, but I don’t know they were both pretty funny girls.
Me: Between you and your sister Michelle, which of you would you say is a DIVA?
Amanda: A Diva? I don’t know?! Did we come off as Divas?
Me: Well no, you didn’t, not really, but I guess the reason I asked that is because usually when there are twins or even just sisters, there’s usually a stronger personality and a weaker one, so I was just asking which one was which.
Amanda: Oh, ok, well I guess if I had to say someone, I’d have to say myself. I’d probably be the one who was more of a diva than my sister. I can’t see my sister being a diva in the least, and I can kinda see myself being a diva sometimes, you know… just a little.
Me: Have you and your sister become local celebrities since leaving the show?
Amanda: Um, a little bit, yeah, our local newspaper did an article about us the other day, but [the recognition] is not overbearingly so.
Me: Well thank you Amanda, I appreciate you talking to me and I wish you much success in the future!
Amanda: Thank you!


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    Congrats on the interview, Hip!

  2. You keep it up with the greatness and you're headed straight to the top!

    Great interview!!!

    I have to agree with Amanda, I feel like any of the models could have gone home last night... Maybe it'll end up a 3-way tie... If my fave Caridee doesn't win. ;-)

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