December 14, 2006

Recently Purchased...

I bought these black platform peep toe pumps the other day, and if you read this blog regularly, you know I've been looking for a pair of black peep toe heels for a while. I would have really liked this pair by "Oh Deer" but with the price comparison, these Delicious Kent's will do just fine, thank you.


  1. are you going to wear them with your dress? that would be cute.

  2. Oh Deer! are good but as you say, there's a lot of cut price stuff that looks almost exactly the same: I found that ChezImelda was able to service my needs quite happily!

  3. I find that I get the most compliments on my cheapy shoes. Please believe that I have a couple of pairs of Delicious in the collection. LOL

    It's how you rock em that counts.

  4. @naysoo,

    You have truly spoken the truth. I couldn't agree with you more!

    Thanks for that tip on Chez Imelda! Gonna check it out...

  5. i love this brand, so cheap and amazing! such a great buy, i got two pairs of this in the patent leather, LOVE THEM!