November 30, 2006

2nd Twin, Amanda, Eliminated from Top Model

Amanda was the 10th girl eliminated last night on America's Next Top Model. Check back later for my interview with her...

Only 3 girls left! Who's your pick to win? Caridee, Eugena, or Melrose?

Cute, Not Cute: Shoe Boots?

Super fly-hy-hy! Yes, these are BOOTS. Boots that look like PUMPS and TIGHTS... with MINI-BELTS. And I might be taking it back too far for some of you, but remember "Sweet Daddy Williams" and his special lady "Savannah Morgan" from "Good Times"? Well, I searched high and low for pics of the two of them and couldn't find anything. These boots reminded me specifically of them...
yes indeed.
Your thoughts? Cute or not cute?

Boots by Casadei found @

November 29, 2006

Window Shopping: Holiday Cozy

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire... me watching "Merry Christmas Charlie Brown" on the sofa with a blanket and some warm socks, all while sipping on a warm chocolatey beverage with sweet whipped cream. Ahh, the Holidays. We're talking about some serious Holiday Cozy here people. So check out the fabulous Holiday Cozy I found below and get some ideas for yourself or for someone on your gift list who could really use some Holiday Cozy. And yes, I like to say "Holiday Cozy". I heart it.

Wool Fair Isle top and hot pants in sizes XS–L, by Free People. Want it? Check it out here and here.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Soft Sherpa Slippers. Closed toe with open back slide. Gap. Want them? Get them here.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Velour footie pajamas. The Pajama Company. Want them? Get the bottoms here and the top here.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Damsel Contrast Button Up Romper. All in one! Urban Outfitters. Fab online price. Want it? Get it here.

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Thermal Long Jane PJs. Victoria's Secret. But wait! That's not all! Victoria's Secret is also giving away FREE SLIPPERS (a friggin' $25 value!) with select sleepwear purchases! Enter the word SLIPPER at checkout if you buy. You REALLY want these Thermal Long Jane PJs now don't ya!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

How cute are these slippers! Printed footbed and bow detail. Faux suede sole. Victoria's Secret.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Bling Boatneck Sleepshirt. Wear it off the shoulder for a little bit of added sexy. Victoria's Secret.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And in case you missed out on our previous Holiday window shopping:
Shoes Fit for the Holidays
Black Party Dresses
Holiday Party Dresses in Red

November 28, 2006

My Interview with ANTM's Michelle...

Michelle, one of the twins was eliminated last week on Top Model and I interviewed her earlier today. Check out my phone interview with her below as she reveals her future plans, who (besides her sister) she would like to see win it all, and the NBA team she's currently rooting for...
Michelle: Hey.
Me: Hi Michelle! How are you?
Michelle: I'm good, how are you?
Me: Pretty good. Congratulations on making it to the Top 5!
Michelle: Thanks.
Me: Were you surprised that you lasted so long on the show?
Michelle: Um, yeah, I really didn't think that I would last that long, but after seeing all of my photos, I wasn't that surprised.
Me: Well you did take some good photos, but I gotta tell you, I was terrified of interviewing you or your sister Amanda because I could rarely tell you two apart on the show.
(Michelle laughs)
Me: So who's the oldest, you or Amanda?
Michelle: Amanda's older.
Me: Really? I was figuring you to be the oldest. Tell me, was it harder or easier being on the show with your sister?
Michelle: I think it was easier because I had my sister there for moral support, but at the same time, it was harder because I had my sister to worry about.
Me: Well I was watching some footage of you and your sister and found out that both of you were in college before the competition but you were actually attending separate colleges.

Michelle: Yeah we went to rival colleges. Her college had a better theater program and my school had a better basketball program so we chose our schools based on what we liked.
Me: And you played basketball, were you any good?
Michelle: Um, well, I wasn't like the star of the team but I enjoy it, I have fun with it.
Me: Ok, let's talk Top Model. Would you say that your experience on the show was a good one?

Michelle: Yeah, I feel like I had a really good experience on the show.
Me: I'm just asking because you seemed to be a little unsure of who you were and what you
really wanted to do while you were on the show.
Michelle: Well yeah, I mean, I'm a normal teenager, I didn't know what I wanted. While I was on the show, I just wasn't sure if I had the same passion as the other girls, and because of that, I kind of felt bad at times for being there.
Me: You did say that the being on the show helped you to figure out a little bit of who you were as a person, are you more resolved on who you are now?

Michelle: Yeah, I can agree with that.
Me: Ok, let's get to the elimination, because when it got down to you and your sister being the last two to get a photo from Tyra, I thought that your sister Amanda might be eliminated by the way Tyra kept praising your "natural talent". Were you surprised when you were eliminated?

Michelle: Um, I expected it from the beginning because I kinda knew that it would end that way... you know, I thought I was gonna go because judging from a couple past episodes, the judges usually keep the one who wants it the most.
Me: The judges made a comment that they thought you might have been "sacrificing yourself" so that your sister could have a better chance at winning the Top Model title. And you even said that you thought you might have been a distraction to your sister and that you didn't want her to leave because it was her dream. So do you think you sacrificed yourself for your sister to have a better chance?

Michelle: Maybe subconsciously a little bit I might have sacrificed myself because I knew my sister had taken a bad photo in the last challenge and she might have gone home that week. But I didn't consciously go into eliminations thinking that I'm going to purposely not do well, I actually thought I was in the clear because I had taken a pretty good photo. But the panel challenges got me, I was just never really good at those.
Me: Do you have any regrets in the competition, anything you wish you could go back and do differently?

Michelle: Um, no I don't regret anything, I probably wouldn't do anything different, maybe during my final panel challenge, I might have talked a little less!
Me: Are you going to keep the red hair?

Michelle: Right now, it's not red anymore, because it was a semi-permanent color, so it's pretty much faded out, but I'll probably color it back.
Me: Well it looked good on you. So what are your plans now that the show is over?

Michelle: I'm gonna finish out this semester of college and then continue to pursue modeling.
Me: Besides your sister Amanda, who would you like to see win this season of
Top Model?
Michelle: Um... Caridee.
Me: Ok, let's do my fun questions! Since you play basketball and you now have modeling experience, I'm gonna throw out some terms and see how good you are... Ready?

Michelle: Okay.
Me: What's a "bounce pass"?
Michelle: That's where you bounce the ball on the court to pass it to another player.
Me: What's a "jump ball"?

Michelle: At the beginning of the game the officials throw up the ball between two people and whoever tips it to their player, they have possession of the ball.
Me: Wow great! But I have to tell you, I didn't know some of these terms before I looked them up... (Michelle laughs) Ok, on to the model questions. What's a "catwalk"?
Michelle: It's the runway path when you're walking down the runway.

Alright, how about a "go-see"?
Michelle: The audition that you go on to meet with different modeling agencies.
Me: Do you have a favorite NBA team?
Michelle: The Lakers right now.
Me: How about a favorite fashion model?
Michelle: Gabrielle Reese.
Me: Supermodel, basketball star or both?
Michelle: Both!
Me: Well that's all I have! Thanks Michelle for taking the time to speak with me, and much success to you in the future!
Michelle: Thank you!

Eve Promoting Viva Glam... Looking Better.

Eve was looking a lot better earlier today as she greeted fans at the Harlem MAC Store to promote VIVA GLAM in advance of World Aids Day. Somebody must have pulled her aside to alert her of her recent crispiness, because she is looking much better and more moisturized in these pics.

How 'bout I'm thinking about getting me a blonde wig and then going out and running my errands like nothing's different... yeah, I think I might try that out real soon.

November 27, 2006

See, What Had Happened Was...

In a case of "Oh no she didn't!" Rachel Zoe is speaking out on allegedly being "issued her pink slip" and fired by Nicole Richie:
[spotted @ TMZ]

Stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe has come out swinging against reports that she was fired by Nicole Richie. Rachel issued the following statement to TMZ: "There has been a lot of speculation as to the cause of my parting with client Nicole Richie. The tabloid reports have no merit. After trying to be a good friend to Nicole, we made a mutual decision to sever our working relationship. Changes are inevitable in any business relationship. I am very fortunate to have such a wonderful life, I have been married for 10 years and have been a stylist for more than 15 years and am lucky to work with such a diverse group of women of all shapes and sizes that inspire me everyday. I have nothing but love for Nicole and wish her only health and happiness."
Sources tell TMZ that Rachel, who had worked with Nicole for more than three years, had become increasingly unhappy with bad choices Nicole was making in her life, and simply wanted to be finished with the whole thing. When asked to elaborate further about "being a good friend to Nicole", Rachel's rep refused comment.A rep for Nicole could not be immediately reached.

Now who are we suppose to believe right here? Because if you ask me, Nicole is looking a whole lot better lately and if the recent pics above are any indication of what the truth is, well, those recent pics of the both of them is worth a thousand words, I'm just sayin'.

Cute, Not Cute? Printed Pumps

At only $10, would you buy?
Yes! These pumps are for me!
Nope. I think I'll leave these pumps right where they are, thanks.
So what do you think? Cute or not cute?

[spotted @ Fashiontribes]

Michelle, The Latest Top Model Eliminated...

Did you miss it? Well, Michelle (twin) was eliminated on last week's Top Model. Check back for my interview with her.

November 25, 2006

Celeb Fashion No No's... A Photo Gallery

I spotted this at TMZ. Celebs dressing badly. Fashion no no's on the celebrity scale...
The worst offenders in this photo gallery IMO are Mariah, Linda Hamilton, and Deelishis from FOL, although I don't fully agree with "Deelishis" being on anybody's celebrity list. Click the picture above to browse the full gallery.

November 22, 2006

Lotion Candles, Would You Try?

Candles that melt down to a creamy lotion or skin oil... intriguing.
A great gift idea if nothing else!
[spotted @]
The ultimate stocking stuffer is sure to be a dual-purpose lotion candle. With such sophisticated, non-cloying scents as lychee and lapsang, these burning beauties melt down to a fragrant, skin-softening lotion. And, if you think it all sounds a bit too potentially painful, rest assured that the makers of these candles take safety and comfort seriously: The candles are formulated to cool to a non-burning heat as soon as you blow them out, and most are formulated with such skin-pampering ingredients as soy, vitamin E, and shea butter.

(above) Kiki de Montparnasse Massage Candle, $35, at (above) Ember Natural Emollient Massage Candle, $48, at
(above) Victoria’s Secret 2-in-1 Candle/Massage Oil, $28, at (above) Body Wax Massage Candle, $12, at

Nicole Richie... Looking Better

Nicole Richie went from this...
(she seems frail, & look at her armpits, they're skeletal! Can't front on chicks style though, because I'd rock both her dress and her shoes, trust that.)


Is it just me or does she look much better here? Her face isn't all hallowed out and she even has cleavage! She looks more filled out in this pic to me. Whatever she's doing, I wish she would keep doing it.

November 21, 2006

Can't We All Just Get Along?

I vote we try. Now on a lighter, more fashionable note, wanna know where you can get that tee shirt? One place you can get it is Pieces Boutique in Harlem. It's where I got mine. Letisha (the owner) and Vanessa are the two fashionistas that run the store there, they're both awesome and the coolest people ever. And the store is fab too!
Pieces of Harlem
228 W. 135th Street
(between 7th & 8th Aves.)
Harlem, NY

November 20, 2006

I Link to Stop Myself from... Crying.

How's that title for a dramatic turn??? Nice huh?! I know, I'm such a closeted actress... a true undiscovered talent I am...
Anyways, here are some links to take your mind off the extreme foolishness of the day, a/k/a Michael Richards a/k/a "Kramer" being a butt-hole... nuff said.

Halle's male model man a DIVA??? Nooo... [Story]

I'm already extra bored with these two. Seems I'm not the only one. [Story]

Nobody wants to hear your story O.J., and by the way things are looking, nobody wants to air it either. [Story]

Mario lost "Dancing With The Stars" to my boy Emmitt Smith. But he would have been booted off the show much sooner had he busted these killer moves... [Video]

November 19, 2006

'Tis the Season...

'Tis the season to begin the "heavy hint-tossing" in the Christmas gift-giving department. So, to these cozy, warm-looking, cute and cuffed, thigh-high socks, all I have to say is, "Yes please!" These are so perfect for me as my feet (and legs) are always cold, and at only $12 bucks a pop, they're at a perfect price too. I don't know that I would wear them out, but I would totally wear a HOLE in them around my house! And just in case anyone's interested, I'd prefer a pair in the heather grey, natural or walnut...

As the wintertime thermometer drops and hemlines rise, socks of all sizes have become the season’s must-have accessory. These long cuffable socks can be ruched, scrunched and rolled to your heart’s desire. The perfect leg-warming solution for wearing boots with short skirts, long socks help to extend the line of the leg for a taller, leaner look. The ideal sock for ankle and high boots, these tights come in a variety of hues including Walnut, Black, Navy, Grey, Charcoal, Plum, Red, Royal and Hunter. At a lengthy 40 inches long, these sweater socks cuff nicely at the top hem and have a wide rib, which runs down to the ankles. This winter just say ‘NO’ to shivering legs in the name of fashion.
[spotted at Stylehive]

Click here to browse more cute socks at Sock Dreams.

November 17, 2006

My Interview with ANTM's Jaeda...

Jaeda was eliminated this week, and I got to interview her this afternoon via telephone. I had fun talking to her! Anyways, check out my interview with her below as she reveals her goofy side, how she really feels about having short hair (surprising), what she thinks of that Spanish male model and whether she prefers Wal-Mart or Target...

Me: Hi Jaeda, How are you?
Jaeda: Good! How are you!
Me: I'm good. First off, congratulations on making it so far in the competition! You made to the Top 6!
Jaeda: Hey, yeah!
Me: Ok, let’s go back a little before we go forward. You’re from Parkersburg, Iowa right? Because when I first read that, I was like, they have Black people there?
Jaeda: Yeah (laughs) there's not too many, I was actually the first African American to graduate from my High School.
Me: Oh wow. So how were you chosen for Top Model? Did you just apply and from there you were chosen or were you “discovered” like while you were out at the ‘Dairy Queen’ or something?
Jaeda: Actually I went to an open call in Minneapolis, and tried out for the open call, I did my camera interview and 3 months later, I got a call telling me I made it to the Top 30.
Me: Oh, ok, that's excting! You know, I’ve been playing the clip of you imitating Tyra during eliminations, and you’re pretty funny doing her.

Jaeda: (laughs) Yeah, it's kinda funny, because the show didn't really portray me as this funny, goofy person, and I really was! I love just having fun and goofing off.
Me: Is she [Tyra] really that melodramatic during eliminations, because Tyra could be a soap opera actress with all that extreme drama, for real.
Jaeda: Yeah! I feel the same way, she was VERY dramatic, but you know, it was all for the show.
Me: Overall, would you say that being on Top Model was a good experience for you?

Jaeda: Yeah, I would say that. Being on Top Model was one of the best experiences of my life, especially in terms of launching a career. I'm just really excited about the whole thing. It was really fun and a great experience.
Me: You guys had a lot of model challenges. Out of all the Top Model challenges and photos, which ones would you pick as your favorite? Why?
Jaeda: Well, my favorite photo was the runway photo. You know, it was scary at first, but it was so fun because you never knew if you were gonna fall off or not. And my favorite challenge would probably be the NASCAR challenge because of all the action shots. We had to jump on the NASCAR driver and go nuts! That was kinda fun actually.
Me: You guys got to work with Tasha Smith, the Acting Coach. How was that?
Jaeda: Oh yeah, wow, that was AMAZING! She was a spunky woman, and it kinda rubbed off on us so we were able to let loose and really get into what we were supposed to do.
Me: During the “dump” acting exercise, you kind of revealed some things; you said you didn’t ‘feel’ great, that you didn’t ‘feel’ like a “girl” and that you didn’t ‘feel’ sexy because of your short hair. You wanna explain that a bit more?
Jaeda: Yeah, it was really hard for me because I always try to be the "girly girl" that's just me, you know? Then once my hair was cut off, it made me feel less of a woman for some reason, and I don't quite understand that till this day, because now, I feel like the short hair actually made me look more like a woman and less like a girl. I guess it was just hard to get used to at the time because it was kind of shocking and sudden for me... I couldn't really ease into it you know? At the time, I didn't really feel like a "girl". It was kind of weird.

Me: So do you think it was worth it, cutting your hair so short?
Jaeda: Oh, I definitely think it was worth it, I'd actually do it all over again if I could!
Me: You would!? Wow. So are you gonna grow it back or not?
Jaeda: Actually, I'm keeping it short, I'm thinking about keeping it short, I actually kind of like it now!
Me: That's surprising. Ok, on to SPAIN! You got to go to Barcelona! (Jaeda: Yeah..) Ok, for this next question, let’s pretend that everything was rosy and beautiful on this Barcelona trip, let’s pretend that this “Nacho” (the spanish male model) character was a “NON-ISSUE”, because really, he doesn’t even exist in my world, (Jaeda laughs) but we’ll get to that later… How beautiful was Barcelona, Spain? Like paint a picture for me, make me want to visit there even more than I already do!
Jaeda: OH MY GOSH! It was absolutely BREATHTAKING! I had never been overseas, so this was the 1st time for me, and I was just like omigosh! The city was beautiful!
Me: I could imagine, because I would LOVE to visit there. Ok, now, let's talk about "the guy" (Jaeda: Ugh!). Since this Spanish model guy is kind of the “elephant in the center of the room” let’s discuss him and get it over and done with, shall we? The fact that he said what he said to you, (what was it exactly) “I don’t like you, I don’t like Black girls” that was UNBELIEVABLE.

Jaeda: Well he said he didn't like me, then he said it was because I was BLACK, he told me he just doesn't really like Black girls. And so after he said that, I was like, "OK" but I still wanted to learn the lines and everything but he didn't seem like he wanted to participate. He even ended up LEAVING THE TABLE for about 20 minutes!
Me: Oh wow! They didn't even show that!
Jaeda: Yes! They did NOT show that, and I was just talking to Eugena and we were both like, they didn't even show that!
Me: So do you think that the fact that he was such a butt-hole (can I say that?) affect your overall performance in the 'Secret Commercial shoot?

Jaeda: Umm, I do think that it affected my overall performance, you know, I could deal with what he said, because I used to get criticized when I was younger, I'm used to it, but the thing that really made me upset is the fact that he wasn't willing to participate AT ALL. Like I didn't get a fair chance like all the other women did. They were all able to learn their lines regardless of whether their guys liked them or not, and I wasn't. So that kind of upset me. You can say anything you want to me, but at least do what you're supposed to do.
Me: Ok, about your elimination. You were probably in the bottom 2 the most out of all the girls this season, but you kept surviving it, so do you think that the judges could have given you one more chance knowing what they knew about your jerky modeling partner?

Jaeda: Well, I guess the judges could have done whatever they wanted, but I knew that it was a harsh reality, and it was a competition. Things happen, you know, and you can't do anything about it. I don't think that they were completely wrong for what they did, and I can accept that I had to go through that. There was nothing anyone could do about it really.
Me: Ok, so who would you like to see win this season of Top Model?
Jaeda: I would like to see Caridee win this season of Top Model just because, she's awesome, she's one of my good friends, I just think she's everything that the judges are looking for.
Me: Do you have any regrets in the competition, anything you wish you could go back and do differently? And what are your plans now that the show is over?

If I could go back I would probably change my attitude about my hair and not let the little things bother me, and just be more focused on the competition. As far as my plans go, I finished school in May, and hopefully I'll start getting some offers, and I might be moving as well, so who knows what's gonna happen! I just want to keep all the doors open!
Me: You said on the show that you had a boyfriend and that you were missing him. Are you guys still together?

Jaeda: We are not currently together, no.
Me: Wow, your MALE FANS are gonna be happy to hear that! (Jaeda: laughs "yeah") Ok, now, on to my fun questions!
Jaeda: Ok!
Fall plaid, yes or no?

Jaeda: Fall plaid? Sure, I like plaid for Fall, I have a few little outfits!
Me: Walmart, or Target?
Jaeda: Walmart or Target hmmm. Target, I would have to say Target because they have a lot of high fashion clothing in there!
Me: Coffee or hot chocolate?
Jaeda: Umm, you know, coffee, because I need something with a little caffeine these days.
Me: Are you a Starbucks junkie?
Jaeda: I am!
Me: Are you! What's your favorite drink there?
Jaeda: I like the Caramel Macchiato.
Me: Oh ok, I like that one sometimes too. Ok, last question, who do you think is the cutest, Jay Manual or Nigel Barker?
Jaeda: NIGEL DEFINITELY! Oh my god! I could just eat him up and come back for seconds! For real!
Me: (laughing) Girl! You better stop! You are hilarious!
Well , that's all I have Jaeda, thanks so much for talking with me and I wish you much success in the future!
Jaeda: Thank you!

November 16, 2006

Fashion No No...

The designer of this dress is just as much to blame...

November 15, 2006


Congratulations to Emmitt and Cheryl, Season 2 WINNERS of DANCING WITH THE STARS! Go Emmitt, Go Emmitt!

ANTM Elimination: Jaeda

Wow. I have to admit I wasn't ready for her (being eliminated), but such is life. I'll be interviewing her on Friday, so stay tuned for that.

Got a question for her? Let me know in your comments!

Holla back!

Fruit Earrings, Cute, Not Cute?

I couldn't resist posting these earrings! When I found them I totally "ooh'd" and "aah'd" while clapping and laughing (I'm such a ding dong sometimes). But they look so real! And they're soooo cornball that I think I love them. But I'm figuring that most people won't share my high enthusiasm for jewelry made to resemble sweet, fresh produce, so I wanna know what you think about these earrings?
Cute or not cute?

November 14, 2006

Check out "Mychael" Knight's New Website

Check out my boy Mike's new website if you haven't already. Cute and clever choice of music he has on there too. If you make the connection between his name and a particular throwback pop culture television show, you'll get it. My favorite of his collections is the one with the green plaid pieces. Nice.
I heart him and his clothes.
Click here to check him out.

Also check him out tomorrow night, November 15 co-hosting the Pre-show with ANTM's Toccara at BET's 1st Annual Hip Hop Awards, 9 PM ET/PT (BET's 1st Annual Hip Hop Awards? Something is sooo not right about that...)

Fashion No No. NO!

Okay, this one is seriously NSFW.
And it's super cheesy too...


Click to see. A class act this one is...

Style Verdict - Wide Leg Pants

Photo above spotted at
Ok, I have to admit, I am a bit baffled by this particular trend. When it first emerged, I really didn't know what to make of it, and I still kinda don't. Not saying that I don't like the trend or anything, I just feel a little confused by it. Like when and where do you wear the wide leg pant look and how do you pull it off without looking (and feeling) like a dufus? I mean look at the volume on these pants! You could practically jump out of a plane and catch enough air in these things to land safely, escaping any hurt, harm or injury. But hey, don't let my current confusion about this trend sway your opinion, because I truly want to know what you think about it. Do you love it? Hate it? Don't care? Would you buy it and wear it?
I wanna know your style verdict.

Moschino Cheap & Chic
Photo spotted @

November 13, 2006

It's TRUNK LTD.!!!

Remember this jacket?

Well, It's Trunk Ltd.! TRUNK LTD.! ( and the discovery came from an anonymous reader (shouts out to YOU anonymous reader!) Hip Candy readers are ON THE JOB son!

Jimi Hendrix Ladies "Tour" Track Jacket. $194. Want it? Get it here. (I'm gonna stalk it for a little while, but if it doesn't come down soon, I may still have to get it)

November 12, 2006

The Beginnings of a Style Diary...

It took me a good minute to decide to do a style diary. After seeing so many other GREAT ones, and being inspired, and also getting past "exposing myself", I decided to do one too, plus it seemed like fun. You'll notice that my "special" camera doesn't take the best pics, or it could be that my photoshop skills could use polishing (my legs should be the same color as my hands, and you can't even SEE my cute suede peep toe wedges...) but that's neither here nor there as I've started this style diary and gosh darnit! I'm gonna be committed to it! Like once a week. Or so. Or whenever I feel the "urge" to share, how 'bout that?

Long sleeve white tee: Pro-Spirit Athletic, Target (clearance NEW!)
Hoodie sweater vest: Mossimo, Target (clearance NEW!)
Capris: Express "Editor"Corduroy, Express (purchased last year)

Anyways, my friend Nita can be indirectly credited to me starting this style diary because she gave me a gift certificate to Target as a gift for my birthday. And I hadn't used it, up until Saturday, and let me tell you, I went a little crazy in the clearance section over the weekend! Pictured is just a sampling of what I bought. It was exciting! In this particular photo, in which I photoshopped myself onto a runway, (since I'm a 'supermodel' in my head, it's where I feel most "at home") this pic is showing everything I wore today (Sunday). It's a slight departure from my normal mode of dress (this look is more 'Urban Outfitters' if I had to classify it), because I like to "mix it up"... I try to keep people from putting me into a box, because I'm a very a multi-dimensional, multi-faceted person. And I also like to try lotsa different looks before I decide whether I like it or not.
So there's no telling what you'll see me in in the coming weeks... so stay tuned.

November 9, 2006

My Interview with ANTM's Anchal...

Anybody who reads this blog knows that I am a reality show fanatic, so how shocked was I to get an email from the CW Network last week asking me if I would like to interview America's Next Top Model Castoffs and post the interviews on my blog?! Ummm, YEAH! That was like asking me if I would like a Starbucks tall non-fat Cinnamon Latte. With whip!
[Thanks Mahogany Girl]

Anyways, Anchal was eliminated this week, and I had the pleasure of interviewing her via telephone earlier this afternoon [she spoke to me while on her way to tape Tyra's Talk Show]. Anyhoo, peep my telephone interview with her below on what she thinks happened, who she'd like to see win it all, and if she prefers skinny jeans or leggings...

Me: Hi Anchal! How've ya been?
Anchal: Hi Chanel, I've been good.

Me: Your name is such an exotic sounding name, does it mean anything?
Anchal: It does actually. Do you know anything about traditional Indian dress?
Me: Not a lot...
Anchal: Well in traditional Indian dress the "anchal' is the bottom part of the sari, but I've also been told that Anchal means "God's gift".
Me: Ok, Anchal, let's get down to it, what happened on last night's episode because you seemed to kinda throw in the towel.

Anchal: Yeah, I know, I kinda did.
Me: So do you think that you could have given it a bit more effort?
Anchal: Oh, I definitely could have! That's one regret I have. I think that if I had showed more confidence sooner, that I'd still be on the show.
Me: Tyra made a comment that she thought that you were "so beautiful, that it was almost scary". How did it make you feel to hear her say that about you?
Anchal: It made me feel good, at first, but then after thinking about it some more, I thought, "was that a compliment or not?" So it ended up making me feel even more self-conscious.
Me: As pretty a girl as you are, you seemed to struggle a bit with your appearance, why?
Anchal: I don't think that I struggled so much with my appearance as I did with my confidence.
Me: Do you think that you were portrayed accurately on the show?
Anchal: I think that they portrayed me pretty accurately.
Me: Did you really feel that you didn't have any friends in the house, and do you think that that might have affected your level of confidence?
Anchal: I did feel alone in the house. If I had had someone to talk to in the house, that probably would have made a difference.
Me: So you kind of had an ongoing feud with Melrose, as did most of the girls this season. But on last night's episode, you hugged her and kind of jokingly said, "I still hate you". So do you still have lingering animosity towards her?
Anchal: I don't hate Melrose, but knowing how she is now, I wouldn't go out of my way to be friends with her. I just think that we are different people from different backgrounds.
Me: So we're gonna keep it moving then. Now I wanna know, who would you like to see win this season of Top Model?
Anchal: Caridee! Caridee for sure, she's got the total package.
Me: So what are your plans now that the show is over?
Anchal: I'd like to continue to pursue modeling.
Me: Do people treat you differently now since you've been off the show? Like could you still go into the Gap and buy a pair of jeans without getting mobbed?
Anchal: (Laughs) It's funny that you're asking that, because I was in Macy's the other day, and people were literally pulling me by the arm saying things like, "Oh my God! Anchal! You have to come and meet my mom! She's right over there..." I actually had to leave and go back later with my best friend. But people blow at me now while I'm driving like they want me to pull over!
Me: Oh wow. So things ARE different for you now.
Anchal: Yeah, pretty much.
Me: Ok, what is the ONE THING that we don't know about you that you would like people to know about you?
Anchal: That I'm not a big crybaby!
Me: Ok, ok, enough about Top Model, let's get down to the questions that people REALLY want answered! Ready?
Anchal: Okay...
Me: Sales clerk or Supermodel?
Anchal: Supermodel.
Me: L.A. or New York?
Anchal: New York. Wait! No... both.
Me: Ok, skinny jeans or leggings?
Anchal: Skinny jeans.
Me: Rap Music or Pop Music?
Anchal: Rap Music.
Emmitt Smith or Mario Lopez from "Dancing With the Stars"?
Anchal: Ooh, Mario Lopez!
Me: Well that's all I have, thanks for talking with me Anchal, and best of luck to you in whatever you decide to pursue!
Anchal: Thank you!

November 8, 2006

Have Some Cake...

I know I don't normally blog about beauty products, but I had to make an exception in the case of Cake Beauty. A few weeks back I ventured onto their site while browsing the net doing research. The site felt like sweet cotton candy. I instantly fell in love with the fab pinkness of it all. Well, while on their site, I entered to win a sinfully delicious sounding body scrub that sounded good enough to eat (as do a lot of their products). Well whaddaya know? I found out that I won the huge 21 oz. jar of Sweet Cheeks (a friggin' $28 value!), and let me tell you, it took everything in me not to try to "taste" it when it arrived at my house! Yum.

The "Cake" MIX, is all about living deliciously, trusting your taste, exuding sweet style, having a tender center and getting it while it's hot.

Founded by Heather Reier, Heather realized that the beauty world needed a line of cremes and scrubs with decadent, nourishing ingredients accompanied by sophisticated packaging and a sassy, fun concept and so, the inception of Cake was born. Some of the ingredients used in Cake products are almond, coconut, peppermint and macadamia nut oils, whole milk, marshmallow root, mango butter (don't you just want a cookie or something right now?) and that's just to name a few. It's well worth checking out... I sure am, and when I'm done, I'm gonna be all scrubbly, smooth, and smelling like a slice of poundcake! Right after Top Model goes off.
Click here to visit Cake.

Window Shopping: Shoes Fit For the Holidays

Hey ya'll, we're window shopping for holiday shoes! See my picks (my shortlist) below for the funky fresh shoes that you could wear throughout the holidays and beyond!
(above) Bottega Veneta Wool Pumps, $540. Don't these just scream "Happy Holidays!" And they'd also be really cute with jeans. Reached your "Baller" status and want to get these shoes? Work it out then playgirl! Get them here or here, 877-362-1715.

(above) Oh Deer Audrey Peep Toe Heels. $85. These work for the holidays or everyday. Loving the peep toe right now. Been looking for a pair with a price tag that I don't mind for a minute. Check the chic "Louboutin like" red soles! Nice, without the Louboutain price. Want them? Get them here.

(above) Nine West Inside Boots. $169. Warm and fashionable, for those of you who live in areas with actual seasons. I liked these because the folded flap can easily adjust to fit as a bootie or a tall boot! Cute right! Want them? Get them here.

Candie's "See Me" Pumps. That name is hot. $35.
** breaks into caroling**
Christmas time is here... happiness and cheer...
Remember that song from Charlie Brown? I don't know why these shoes reminded me of that song, but they did. I have it [A Charlie Brown Christmas] on CD. Bought it from Starbucks last year, it's really very good...
Anyways, want these shoes? Get them here.

November 7, 2006

Who Makes This? Anybody? + Don't Forget To Vote!

Spotted @ E Online
If anyone knows who makes this zip-up, screen-printed Jimi Hendrix Jacket, and where I could get it, I'd really like to know. 'Preciate it.

Now go VOTE!