December 31, 2006

Happy New Year from Hip Candy!

From "All of Us" here at

And by "all of us" I basically mean, me..."all of us" just sounded more impressive to me at the time. Anyways, thank ya'll so much for all of the support in 2006.
***fighting back the tears***
Your undeniable support of Hip Candy in 2006 means you liked me... you REALLY liked me! Well guess what?! I liked ya'll even more! Here's to looking forward to an even bigger and better 2007! Be back "next year!"

New Look For the New Year...

I hope you like! Bear with me while I work out these last few kinks...

December 30, 2006

Best of Hip Candy 2006: The Interviews...

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Who knew that I would morph into an entertainment journalist in 2006?! Not me, that's who! I surprised even myself with that one! But guess what? When the doors of opportunity fly open, there's nothing for you to do but walk on through it. So with that being said, click on the Top Model pic above to read my interview with Caridee, the winner of this year's America's Next Top Model Cycle 7, and the rest of the interviews with the girls (pictured) are linked in that post.

And while you're at it, check out 2 other Hip and Juicy interviews that I did with Disturbing the Peace recording artist Shareefa, and cast member from MTV's REAL WORLD Denver, Tyrie exclusively for "Juicy News" Did you get it? "Hip" and "Juicy" interviews ??? Anyway, check 'em out if you haven't already over at Juicy News...

My Interview with Shareefa over at "Juicy News"...

My Interview with Tyrie over at "Juicy News"...

December 28, 2006

Best of Hip Candy 2006: Most Commented Post

The #1 most commented Hip Candy Post in 2006 was...

The Project Runway Jeffrey Scandal back in September! At last count, there were 54 comments, which is the most comments on any Hip Candy post to date! I remember the day when it happened. I was regularly checking my counter as usual, and I was surprised to see over 2,000 page loads. I checked it again after about an hour, and it was up to almost 8,000 hits... in like TWO HOURS! So yeah, the Jeffrey post was the winner hands down. Some people got a little heated in the comments too... funny stuff indeed.

Did Jeffrey Cheat on Project Runway?

December 27, 2006

Best of Hip Candy 2006: Cute, Not Cute

Here are the best of Hip Candy's Cute, Not Cute post, and there was a lot of NOT CUTE in '06. See what you had most to say about what was CUTE, and what was NOT CUTE on Hip Candy in 2006 below:

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2. Printed Pumps, Cute, Not Cute
(2nd most commented Cute, Not Cute post)
3. Cropped Red Leather & 2006 MTV VMA's (a tie for 3rd place)

December 26, 2006

Best of Hip Candy 2006: Fashion No No's...

Best of the 2006 Hip Candy "Fashion No No's". Crazy times. Check out the most commented Hip Candy "Fashion No No" posts below:

1. Fingernail Don't (#1 most commented Fashion No No post)
2. Too Tight Shorts (2nd most commented Fashion No No post)
3. Coin Slot (3rd most commented Fashion No No post)

Best of Hip Candy 2006: Style Verdicts

Hey ya'll! Hope ya'll had a wonderful Christmas! Well after Christmas comes the end of the year... a time to reflect, if you will, on events of times past. So I thought it would be fun to do a few "Best Of" posts to spotlight what you guys liked most about Hip Candy in 2006. This first post is the Best of the Hip Candy Style Verdicts. See the most commented Style Verdict posts where you guys had the strongest opinions below:

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3. Cropped Coats & Payless vs. Steve Madden (a tie)

December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Remember this?
And another LEGEND has passed on this Christmas Day. James Brown, the Godfather of Soul died early Christmas morning.
Prayers go out to his family.

December 24, 2006

'Tis The Season for Giving...

What better time than the Holiday Season to give of yourself, your time, or your money to help those who are not as fortunate or as blessed as you? 'Tis the season for GIVING!
Happy Christmas Eve ya'll!

December 21, 2006

Cute, Not Cute? Jennifer, Penelope & Beyonce

Jennifer Hudson's look. Cute, or not cute?

Penelope Cruz's look. Cute, or not cute?

Beyonce's look. Cute, or not cute?

Photo Source: E Online &

December 14, 2006

Inspired by L.A.M.B... The Final Product.

Well folks, there you have it. My dress completed. Accessorized with a black belt, black opaque tights and my recently purchased, black peep toe pumps. Came together quite nicely if I have to say myself. Especially after having to literally wipe a layer of dust from my sewing machine. Remember I said I thought it made me look skinny? Well while at the Holiday Party I attended, someone asked me if I had been hitting the treadmill. My truthful answer was NO. So I rest my case. And just so you know, I'll be wearing this dress to get gas, to drop off mail at the Post Office and to pick up groceries. Because of course, you can never look too skinny while running basic errands.

Another Hip Interview...

It's a collaboration! Head on over to Juicy News to check out an interview I did with Disturbing Tha Peace recording artist Shareefa for "Juicy News".

Recently Purchased...

I bought these black platform peep toe pumps the other day, and if you read this blog regularly, you know I've been looking for a pair of black peep toe heels for a while. I would have really liked this pair by "Oh Deer" but with the price comparison, these Delicious Kent's will do just fine, thank you.

December 13, 2006

Inspired by L.A.M.B... 2nd Update.

All done! Well just about, the zipper's not in yet. And I rarely do zippers, (more on that later too along with my infamous step-skipping) so as of right now, the dress is at the tailor to get the zipper put in. And I know most of you were against the belt loops, and I ended up putting them in anyway, but let me explain my reasoning! I feel like the distinct red and green plaid pattern gives it a really distinguishable holiday feel. So with that in mind, I just said "why not" to the belt loops, you know, just make it a seasonal holiday dress, and the belt loops could be easily removed if my plans change.

So I figured I'd wear a black belt with the dress (not the brown one pictured) with a black opaque tight and black shoes. What do ya'll think? The Holiday Party is this Thursday night. I am going to take one last photo with the dress on so that you can see the exact fit and guess what? I look skinny in it! That alone may make me wear it past the holidays! Nice.

December 12, 2006

Inspired by L.A.M.B... 1st Update.

This is where I was as with my L.A.M.B. knock-off as of 8 PM Tuesday night. I'm getting there! This is the pattern I used. I dipped the neckline a bit to look more like the L.A.M.B. dress. I'm such an impatient Patti when it comes to sewing! If there's a step I can skip.. I probably skipped it already. You know what I am? I'm a step skipper! But more on all that later. Right now, I'm trying to decide whether or not to add beltloops... we'll see.

Inspired by L.A.M.B....

'Tis the season for all manner of Holiday Parties and I have one to attend THIS THURSDAY. So I thought it would be fun to do a dress inspired by Gwen's Red Plaid L.A.M.B. number, you know, the one she introduced a little earlier this season. Look, I have not sewn in months. And I just started this thing last night (Monday night). A little cuckoo? Maybe. But I will make all manner of adjustments as needed to keep this dress as simple as possible... which means NO CUTTING ON THE BIAS for starters... and it's coming along, my goal is to "Wind it up" by this evening... get it??? Wind it up... yeah, anyway, stay tuned.

Cute, Not Cute: Cropped Red Leather

Obvious "King of Pop" comparisons aside, what are your thoughts on these RED CROPPED LEATHER jackets? CUTE or NOT CUTE?
Source: People

Cool, Creative Packaging!

My cousin emailed me these shopping bag pics last week and I just thought that they were so creative and fun! So I'm sharing...

Ok, so this last one isn't a shopping bag, but it's still a creative idea for a drinking cup. Neat.

December 10, 2006

Fashion No No...

Animal prints. Nothing against them except for when:
(a) they look like they're STILL ALIVE and ready to choke the life out of you at any second. Or
(b) when it's being completely OVERDONE...which is actually being displayed in both pics.
[spotted @ Glamour]

December 8, 2006

My Interview with ANTM WINNER Caridee...

My final interview of the day was with America's Next Top Model Cycle 7 Winner CariDee. And needless to say, she was ecstatic about her win. Check out my interview with her below and find out how that "situation" with Top Model Judge Nigel Barker wasn't exactly what it seemed, just how much she loves all the girls from her season, and which famous rapper's club she kicked it at last night after she was named the Top Model winner...

Me: Hi CariDee!
CariDee: Hi!
Me: How are you?
CariDee: (Joking) Omigosh! I'm having a horrible day!
Me: Well, congrats on winning the big "heavyweight" Top Model title!
CariDee: Thank you so much!
Me: So how does it feel to be the winner?
CariDee: (Whew!) I mean, there's so many emotions, winning Top Model was absolutely a dream come true. I feel like Cinderella! I could go on for hours!
Me: Wow! Ok, so who was the first person you called like right after you won?
Caridee: I was with my family last night, I was in New York and we went to the Club 40/40, and it was awesome! My family was with me, and it was just a great thing.
Me: Isn't that Jay-Z's club?
CariDee: Yep, that's Jay-Z's club, and it was awesome!
Me: So you're from Fargo, North Dakota aren't you?
CariDee: Yes, I'm from Fargo, born and raised.
Me: Have you seen the movie "Fargo" it won an Oscar a few years ago.
CariDee: Yeah, that movie was pretty stereotypical, it was actually filmed in Minnesota.
Me: Was it really? Because I saw that movie a few years back and the accents were really heavy. I don't really hear that accent on you though.
CariDee: Yeah, they kind of overdid everything in that movie.
Me: So you were a photographer before making it onto Top Model?
CariDee: Yes I was, I used to photograph Kindgergarten through Senior portraits. And it was so fun to just create and be on the other side of the camera.
Me: Well, how were you selected for Top Model?
CariDee: It was just a process of elimination. I downloaded the application online and then I went to an open call in Minneapolis which is about 4 hours away from where I live.
Me: You were pretty funny while you were on the show. A couple things you did made me laugh, one in particular was when you had to "hide dizzily" in one of the panel challenges.
CariDee: Aww thanks! I thought that was funny too, I had to laugh at myself with that one.
Me: Were you always that way?
CariDee: Always. I don't know how to be anybody else.
Me: You had a few "slip-ups" on this season of Top Model, most notably, the one where you made an "off-colored" comment to Nigel who was your photographer for that day, and a Top Model judge! What were you thinking?!
CariDee: That was blown out of proportion, really. I joked at him and he actually joked back, but they didn't show that. We were all laughing and having a good time, but I think that the producers decided to show it in a different light because they didn't want the viewers to be nervous about someone who could possibly win the competition. But Nigel didn't take any offense to it at all. Although I do know not to ever take it there with another client. I guess the moral of the story is to be careful about what you say to other clients because other clients won't have the patience and understanding that I got there. You know, if you mess with the bull, you might get the horns.
Me: Right, well let's get into the final challenges. It was down to the final 3, You had gotten your photo and it was Melrose against Eugena. When Melrose finally got a photo and Eugena didn't, you made an obvious "stink face", were you really disappointed that Eugena wouldn't be in the final 2 with you?
CariDee: Oh, of course! Eugena was my girl, you know I was thinking that if Eugena and I were in the final two, and I lost to her, then good for her! Not that I wouldn't have been mad and upset that I didn't win, but Eugena is someone who I respect as a friend, not just a competitor. But now that I look at it, I was so glad that Melrose was my competitor in the final two because I wanted to go against someone who wanted it just as much as me. I wanted to try hard and I wanted to walk away a winner knowing that I busted my ass and just know that I went against someone who trying for it just as hard as I was.
Me: Well I spoke with Melrose earlier and she told me that she was genuinely happy for you that you won the Top Model title. She also said that she didn't think that you would feel the same for her if she had won, do you wanna speak on that?
CariDee: Well that's a pretty loaded question. I mean, if she had won, I wouldn't have been like "Alright! Go Melrose!" I would have been like, "Dammit! I wanted that so bad!" See the thing is, Melrose has another career designing clothes, and she's got even more exposure for doing that by being on the show. Melrose has a degree in fashion and she's very talented, I've seen some of her designs and she's gonna go far. She has that to work on and that's a huge passion of hers and it always has been.
Me: Her passion for fashion did come across in our interview. Well, right now, I'm gonna give you my honest opinion about the final 2 challenges. I think that between you and Melrose, that your CoverGirl shot was far better than hers, but honestly speaking, I thought Melrose was better on the final runway. She even told me in her interview that she thought Eugena was more competition for her on the runway than you. What are your thoughts?
CariDee: Well, what I want people to understand is that I was a rookie walking into this competition. And when people want to do something and they are passionate about something, they don't go into it being flawless, they learn. And it was a learning experience for me. So yeah, I wasn't the best, but I wasn't horrible either, I mean I wasn't chopping it up. So yeah people have their strengths and weaknesses. Like walking for Eugena. Effortless. Walking for Melrose. Effortless, you know, she's got it. It's about where you're strongest. It's like some people are book smart and some people are people smart. There's different smarts in everything, so there's different smarts in modeling. Like someone who would do well in print might not do well on the runway, that's why models are specialized in certain things.
Me: Well the judges obviously saw something in you that they felt would be more successful working in the modeling industry, what do you think that "something" was?
CariDee: I think it was a collaboration of things. But overall, I think it was because I had spunk and I just came off as being real and being me and I really did not care what people thought about me. And of course I continually strived to be better, because the judges warned me time after time to "tone down my personality" but the last thing Tyra said to me was that I got picked because I stayed true to who I was, and that was so vindicating knowing that I won not being a fake person.
Me: Were you surprised when you saw your photo up there?
CariDee: Oh yeah! But it wasn't like a shocking surprise, it was more like I was pleasantly surprised.
Me: Well, let me tell you, I've interviewed a few girls from your season, starting with Anchal, and after asking each one of them the question, "Since you've been eliminated from the show, who would you like to see win it all" I can safely say, that just about all of them said "CariDee!"
CariDee: Aww, that's so awesome! I love the girls, like I LOVE ALL THE GIRLS. I mean all of them had something about them that was just so great. Even Monique! And Melrose too, because outside of the competition, we could be really good friends, because we're both motivated, self-efficient women. I just can't wait until we all meet up again!
Me: Well are you aware that Eugena and Melrose have pretty much "buried the hatchet?"
: That's great! Because I don't feel like there's any need to have animosity towards anyone. I mean because when you are in a competition, you aren't really thinking about the next person's feelings, you're just really thinking about yourself. But as for Eugena? Love Eugena, Love her, Eugena is my girl, loved Anchal, loved Michelle, I loved everyone!
Me: So it was a love fest.
CariDee: Yep. The girls from this season were just great people.
Me: How was it working with Danielle, excuse me "Dani" the previous Top Model winner? Was she nice?
CariDee: She was so beautiful, and she's so great! It was really fun.
Me: Is your family excited that you won?
CariDee: Oh yeah! It was great to finally let my family know that I won and that I have a legitimate career ahead of me! You know they're very proud of me and they're a big support system and they're gonna continue to be a great support system for me because when I have no one else, I have myself and I have my family. My family and my close friends, I have some of the best friends anyone could ask for.
Me: Will you making the big move to one of the fashion capitals?
: I'm moving to New York in January! I'll be starting my cosmetic ads for CoverGirl and beginning my contract with my modeling agency Elite.
Me: What are some of your immediate plans?
CariDee: I have none right now, but look for me in the Seventeen Magazine next week, then CoverGirl, absolutely, and Elite Model Management, awesome, it's all a dream come true for me!
Me: Well, the Christmas holiday is practically here, are you done with your shopping?
CariDee: (Laughs) Girl, I haven't even started none of that, I haven't had the chance!
Me: Well I'm so happy you won! You were a lot of people's favorites!
CariDee: Oh, that is so awesome! Because I was just being myself, I wasn't trying to be anything that I wasn't.
Me: Well, congratulations again, thanks so much for talking to me, and I know that we'll be seeing a lot more of you real soon!
CariDee: No problem! God bless.

Check out my interviews with ANTM Runner's Up Eugena and Melrose!

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December 7, 2006

My Interview with ANTM's Eugena...

My interview with Eugena took place right after my interview with Melrose. She was really easy to talk to! Check out my interview with her and see how she feels about Melrose now, why she would never do Top Model again, and whether she was more happy about CariDee winning or Melrose losing...

Eugena: Hello, Hi!
Me: Hi Eugena!
Eugena: How are you?
Me: I'm good! How are you?
Eugena: I'm fine.
Me: Well first, congratulations on making it to the top 3, I was pulling for you! I wanted you to win.
Eugena: (Laughs) Oh thank you!
Me: Did you expect to make it as far as you did?
Eugena: Um, I came into the competition expecting to make it as far as I did. You know, I didn't want to go on there and only make it halfway. I wanted to do my best and make it to the top so, yeah. I was happy with the results.
Me: I mean, top 3, people are certainly gonna remember you.
Eugena: Yeah! You know if I didn't win, I wanted to get top 3, so I'm happy that I got that far you know?
Me: So you're from Southern California right?
Eugena: Yes I am!
Me: What part are you from?
Eugena: I grew up in Palmdale, but right now I live just outside of Los Angeles, around Valencia, where Six Flags is.
Me: Do you visit L.A. often?
Eugena: Yes, I do! There's nothing else to do around where I live!

Me: Ok, let's talk about Top Model. You and CariDee wanted to be the last 2 standing, but when you were eliminated she told you that she would win it for you. How excited were you when she finally won?
Eugena: I was very excited for CariDee when she won because she wanted it so badly! Cari was so passionate about it, this was her dream and she really tried really hard, I really think that she is the best woman for the job! She deserves it and I'm happy for the outcome with her, I'm happy for her winning.
Me: Ok, honest question, this is a "keeping it real" kinda question if you will, (Eugena: I'm gonna keep it real!) ok, were you more excited that CariDee won or that Melrose lost?
Eugena: (Laughs again) That is a very real question! I think that at the time I was more excited that Melrose lost because we weren't getting along so good.
Me: Well I spoke with her earlier and she told me that you guys have actually made up and become friends?
Eugena: Oh yeah! We've made up now! I mean outside of the competition, outside of like, all the "cut-throatness" and all that mess, you know, we're friends, we're cool. But inside of the competition, all I wanted was for her NOT to win, and I think that Melrose and I had a big misunderstanding of each other. We kind of had a love/hate relationship because she wanted to win, and I wanted to win and we are both fiercely competitive people. We're almost the same type of person, and when you get two of the same type of people in one room for so long, they start "having at it", and that's what happened.
Me: Well that answers my next question because I was gonna ask if you still had any lingering animosity towards her, and you obviously don't.
Eugena: No. Not at all.
Me: What about Monique? Because she started off, with you at least, on the wrong foot when she took your bed in episode 1. But you seemed to have forgiven her and kinda remained friends with her until her elimination.
Eugena: Yeah, what happened was, and I'm gonna be real here, is that Monique and I didn't like each other because we thought we looked the same. So we were like, two dark-skinned black girls looking the same? "I don't like her!" and that's basically what it was, to be honest. And then she took my bed, and that made it even worse! But I think that outside of all the drama, and outside of all the trouble that Monique got into, she's a cool person and she's really genuine, so I think that's what "buried the hatchet" between us. And as for forgiving her, I guess I just wanted to look at her [Monique] for who she was, and not be so apart of all the hype. I just didn't like how everybody was banded against her, because it was just weird how all of a sudden everybody hated her when in the beginning they loved her more than they loved me!
Me: So she was just kind of defending herself then?
Eugena: Yeah, yeah, she was totally defending herself, so I was like, "oh that's not cool" the way everybody was just on her. So I just kinda decided that I didn't want to have any enemies, not like that, so we became friends.
Me: Which was a very adult attitude to take.
Eugena: Right! I was just trying to be adult about it.
Me: Ok, so you said after you were eliminated that you wished that your work could have spoken for itself, instead of you having to actually say it. And I know exactly what you meant by that, because I think that you and I have some of the same personality traits when it comes to that type of thing, but why don't you explain what you meant by that.
Eugena: Well, for me, I hold a lot of things in. And I know that when I'm working, and when I'm going for something and when I have goals, I'm like "I wanna do it!" I just wanna show people that I can do it, rather than saying, "Oh I want it so bad!" you know what I'm saying? I'm like, you should know that I'm passionate about it by seeing my passion week after week! Especially after you the judges had dumped on me and talked down to me more than anybody else, but I'm still here and I'm still trying and I'm still doing it! So I'm like, that's how you should know that I'm passionate about something, but don't sit here and expect me to cry in front of you and be all emotional and beg to stay here, when you can see that I still want to be here!
Me: Or be forced to ACT OVERLY EXCITED when it would clearly come off as phony!
Eugena: EXACTLY! Because I'm just not gonna do that!
Me: Well, like I said, we're the same way right there. Ok, explain to me what "dead eyes" are exactly (Eugena laughs really hard...) because Tyra and the judges seemed to pin that on you everytime you were at panel. (Eugena: Uh-huh...)
Eugena: Girl, I don't even know what "dead eyes" are to tell you the truth! I mean I could say that on at least, one... maybe two photo shoots, I had "dead eyes". But I know that right after Tyra told me that, because I'm not hard-headed, I'm not gonna sit there and have her tell me that I have "dead eyes" one time and then keep doing it over and over again. After she told me that the first time, I was working on it. And I guess "dead eyes" is not showing feeling in your eyes and being blank. So I made it a point every single photo shoot not to quote/unquote have "dead eyes", but it just seemed to come off like that sometimes, so I don't know.
Me: I guess that's something internal... I don't even know how to explain it, like I don't begin to know how you would fix something like that.
Eugena: I know right!? I mean Tyra told me that I had to "feel" it and you know, it had to start from within, like if I was feeling angry, then I needed to internalize that anger and have it come out into my face. So I guess I just wasn't the best at internalizing my emotions I guess.
Me: Yeah, well, that all sounds good in theory, but really, how easy is it to execute something like that? (Euguena: Right.)
Well, did you have a favorite challenge or a favorite photo?
Eugena: My favorite challenge was... the dancing challenge.
Me: Well yeah, you looked really natural.
Eugena: Oh thank you! That was my favorite one because it was like a huge load off! Because most of the time, we were stuck in this confined, sequestered, and stressful situation, and then they were like, "You guys get to dance!" and I love to dance! So I felt pretty rejuvenated after that challenge. It was very freeing.
Me: So it was like an outlet.
Eugena: Yes! It was exactly like an outlet!
Me: So what about your favorite photo?
Eugena: My favorite photo was the CoverGirl photoshoot, you know why? (Me: Why?) Because, for all of our photo shoots, there was always a "catch", there was always something about the shoot to make us uncomfortable, or there was always something put into the shoot to make us look crazy, or we had to wear all kinds of wild and outrageous makeup and hair. Like we just had to do all of these outrageous things still to look pretty doing it! But with the CoverGirl photoshoot, we got to actually sit and model and focus and concentrate, and look beautiful and be fresh and be ourselves and I loved that about that shoot. You know that shoot, kind of felt like "real" modeling. So that's why that was my favorite one.
Me: Well I have to tell you, I think that the CoverGirl photo was your absolute best photo of the season. Absolutely stunning. I think out of the three, [Yours, Melrose, and Caridee's] that yours was the best.
Eugena: Oh, thank you!
Me: So, overall, would you say that being on Top Model was a good experience for you?
Eugena: Yes. I'd say that, now I would never do it again, but I am certainly thankful for the experience, you know what I'm saying? I'm just being real! But I am thankful that I had that experience just because breaking into the modeling industry is so tough, but being in the Top Model competition, I got a really good head start. You know, my face is out there and it'll be just a little bit easier than it was before to break into the industry.
Me: Right, that's one less door that you have to pry open. (Eugena: Exactly.) So are you still in touch with CariDee and any of the other girls from the show?
Eugena: Um, yeah I talk to CariDee and I talk to Brooke, and Jaeda. Those are the three that I'm still in touch with the most.
Me: Did you know that people were making comparisons between you and actress Jill Marie Jones from the TV show "Girlfriends"? (Eugena laughs again..) People were saying that you looked like her. Do you think you look like her?
Eugena: (Still laughing) Um, you know what, I look like everybody! Everybody is always telling me that I look like everybody!
Lauren Hill, Naomi Campbell, Jill Marie Jones, everybody!
: You do kinda look like her [Jill Marie Jones] though.
Eugena: That's because
our lips are huge!
: Well I think she's a really pretty girl, and the two of you do have a lot of the same features.
Eugena: Well, thank you. Actually Monique was the first one to tell me that I looked like her [Jill Marie Jones].
Me: So, what are your plans now that the show is over?
Eugena: Well now that we are able to work, I'm going to start working! I'm gonna start pursuing it now. You know, I'm not gonna give up, I'm not gonna waste this opportunity that I've been given. So definitely, as of tomorrow, when we're all clear from the show, I'm gonna definitely hit the pavement and start working!
Me: Great! Well on to my fun questions! And since you are from SoCal, I'm going to center my questions around that.
(Eugena: Alright!)
Me: The Beverly Center or The Grove (for shopping in Los Angeles).
Eugena: I'm gonna say The Beverly Center, because I've never been to the Grove.
Me: Really???
Eugena: I've never been! One time I was looking for it and I got so lost, so I just said forget it.
Me: Ok, Fatburger or Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles?
Eugena: Roscoe's! Definitely Roscoe's.
Me: That's the one I would have chosen! Ok, if you had the choice, where would you rather live, Beverly Hills or the Hollywood Hills?
Eugena: Um, I would say... hmm... well they're so congested, like Rodeo Drive and the Wilshire area is so busy...
Me: Well if you had the choice Eugena, like if money was no object.
Eugena: Ok, if money was no object, I'd say Beverly Hills. You know, for the privacy.
Me: Ok, well Eugena, you were fun to talk to! I appreciate you talking to me and I wish you nothing but the best in the future!
Eugena: Well thank you!

My Interview with ANTM's Melrose...

Finally! I interviewed all three girls earlier today, and to say that they were "a little chatty" would be a serious under statement. I actually interviewed Melrose first, and let me tell ya, she had lots to say. Check out my interview with her below, and find out who she felt closest to in the house, the real deal between her and Eugena, and on why she feels she didn't really lose to CariDee...

Melrose: Hi!
Me: Hi Melrose! How are you?
Melrose: Good how are you?
Me: It's actually "Melissa Rose" right? (Melrose: Yeah) Tell me again why you changed your name?
Melrose: Umm, I think it fits me more at this point in my life, actually I changed it because, when I first started college and working in the fashion industry, I wanted people to remember my name, and people were just not remembering Melissa.
Me: Well congratulations on making it to the final 2! That's a huge accomplishment!
Melrose: Well thank you so much, I appreciate that.
Me: So you're from San Francisco, right?
Melrose: I'm actually from Michigan, they represented me totally wrong there, but I went to college in San Francisco and that's where I tried out [for Top Model]too.
Me: Oh ok, so where did you go to school?
Melrose: I went to the Art Institute of San Francisco to get my degree in Fashion Design.
Me: Oh wow, I actually finished school in California myself, it was a few years back at FIDM in Los Angeles, are you familiar with that school?
Melrose: Yeah, I know exactly where that is, it's a great school.
Me: Did you enjoy going to school there?
Melrose: I did, but I thought going to school in San Francisco for Fashion was pretty much the worst place ever because San Francisco is a "tech" city, it's not really a fashion capital. It's an artistic place, don't get me wrong, but there's just not a lot of fashion flowing through there.
Me: Ok, so Melrose, let's talk about you, would you consider yourself a "Know-it-all"? And do you think that the other girls saw you that way?
Melrose: Um, maybe, but I think more than that I just think I have a little more life in me than the other girls, I've been around longer you know? I think people mistake a "know-it-all" for a strong-willed person who's competing, and it was a competition. I'm very strong willed and I do have a stubborn side, and sometimes, I can have a good run of B.S.! But by no means do I think I know everything.
Me: So do you think that the show portrayed you accurately?
Melrose: I don't know, you know, because I can't say that "oh it wasn't me" because it was me, but the show was edited, and I never knew the power of editing until I watched the show, and that's when I realized how much the show wasn't portrayed accurately. And not just me, but some of the events they portrayed, didn't happen the way that they portrayed them. And some of the other girls were being portrayed wrong too.
Me: Yeah, editing can spin a situation.
Melrose: And they totally spinned it, for sure. And I don't blame them, you know, they have to get their ratings and that's ok, the only thing that matters is that I know who I am, and my friends and family know who I am. If people think they know me from watching an edited 12 hours of television, that's their perogative, but they don't really know me.
Me: You said on the show a couple times that you were a perfectionist.
Melrose: Yeah, I definitely have that streak running through me. I get that from my dad. He was a complete perfectionist, when it came to his art. And it's not that I can't look bad, it's just that if I'm gonna do something, I'm going to put all my energy out there for it. I want it to be right and I want it to be organized and I want it to represent me because I am those things. So I do have a little bit of controlling in me... for situations that I'm in, so it's definitely been a challenge being a model you know, and a designer for other people, just being under other people's control and other people's guidance is a little hard for me.
Me: You won like the most Top Model challenges this season didn't you? (Melrose: Yeah) Well do you think that the fact that you were dominating the challenges maybe made the other girls a little "salty" towards you?
Melrose: Yeah, I definitely think that that had a role in it, and I think that, you know, being the challenge winner over and over again frustrated the girls and they didn't want to deal with somebody that was kicking their butts you know what I mean? And I didn't really expect anybody who was 18 years old and living with their parents their whole life to know how to treat other people when they're put in such a weird living situation. But what I do expect from people is the same respect that I give to them and oftentimes, I just didn't feel that I was getting that. Which was hard, because it was like, "Oh she won again" and they were like, jealous, and whenever anybody else won something, I really was genuinely happy for them. Like I'm happy for Cari and I wish her nothing but the best, you know, but I can't say that she would feel the same way about me if I had won. So, it's just hard, knowing that other people have different intentions. And that was the big realization that I had, that not everybody liked me! And I just have to accept that.
Me: Ok, let's talk about the Covergirl challenge, because you seemed more nervous than I had seen you before on other challenges, why was that you think?
Melrose: I think what happened at CoverGirl, and by the way, it wasn't portrayed really the way that it happened. But I think that the real deal was... ok, you have to understand that we had traveled across the world, I had not had one moment of privacy, except for when I was sleeping and we still had a camera in our face. And on top of that, we're living under these crazy conditions. So I think at that point in the competition I was just tired. I was sick of just trying to be "on" all the time and competing. We even took a drive out into the country while we were in Spain, and it was really beautiful and I was trying to enjoy it, but at the same time, we were still in a competition, and I knew that both of these girls wanted to kick my ass! And so, I was just feeling more and more alone as more girls would leave. Like especially the twins because as much as it may have come off that the twins and I weren't close, I really respected them, and I really thought that they had a lot of class. Anytime that they had a problem with me, it was said to my face. And when someone was talking about me, like when Cari and Eugena would talk about me, I knew it, and it hurt, because it was like they didn't have the courage to say it to my face. The twins made me grow by being real with me. Whereas when I got to the final 3, I didn't feel I was growing that much from the other girls in the house because I felt like they were being fake to me. And as far as the CoverGirl commercial, I actually did my commercial first, they portrayed me doing it third, but I actually did mine first, and we were getting all the kinks out on my turn. So nothing was as it seemed. It was reality TV, but it's not real.
Me: Well I know that you and Eugena had issues, and a couple times, she did tell you, to your face, that she thought that you were being fake.
Melrose: Um, well it was hard with Eugena, because I really like Eugena, and since the show's been over, I've been hanging out with her. It's the first time I've seen her since the show ended, and I've really learned to like her. I felt like in the beginning of the competition, she just wasn't open to meeting me and knowing who I was as a person and just getting to know that I did have things that I could relate to her on. I mean, we all have things in common, every single human has something in common with another person. So toward the end of the competition, after we did the swimming pool challenge, I actually felt kind of close to her. And it felt like a bit of a betrayal to watch it on the show, to see her saying things like "oh she's a backstabbing whatever" but at the same time, you have to remember, that this was a competition and everybody is, to some extent, just trying their best to win. And yes, there was conflict between her and I on the show, but right now, we're friends. I would actually go to the extent and say that I want her [Eugena] to be my friend. And it's cool to know that coming out of this competition that she is someone who I would want to wear my clothes and model for me. I mean because, you could learn to like people, you could learn to love people, it's not like if you have a problem with somebody that it'll never go away. You can resolve your issues and move forward and that's what being an adult is all about.
Me: So true. So at the end, when it came down to you and CariDee, were you surprised when you didn't see your photo up there?
Melrose: Yeah, it was weird that it was CariDee and I, because I just felt, standing side by side with Eugena and standing side by side with CariDee, I felt more at competition with Eugena. I just felt like Eugena was more on the fashion level that I was on. I felt CariDee's look was very commercial. I just never really felt at full competition with CariDee, which is weird. And I still don't feel like I lost to her. Like, we're two totally different people, and she can be America's Next Top Model, but I also feel like I'm gonna come out of this with a lot of great opportunities, and I got everything out of the show that I wanted. And being second, honestly, is exactly where I wanna be. Because I'm not like committed to the show anymore, so I'm happy to be on my own two feet again. I have a lot of great advisors, friends and family that will help me. So, I don't feel alone, I don't feel like a loser, and standing next to CariDee, you know, I felt when we were standing there that we could both be top models, even though Tyra was like, "there can only be one" there's two of us standing here and there's two of us with drive and beauty and we're both gonna succeed, I know we are. Maybe I didn't win the whole competition, but I felt like I was winning the all the way along, you know. I didn't feel at the end like I lost.
Me: Ok, so what are your feelings about the show (Top Model) do you think the show was a great opportunity? Melrose: Yes, I do.
Me: And how do you feel about Tyra?
Melrose: I think Tyra is a very intelligent and beautiful woman, she's made a great career for herself, and at the end of the day, this is a business, you know? And she's [Tyra] creating business for us, and I really respect her for opening the door for me. She's given me great exposure, and I just really respect what she's doing. I really am greatful for what's she's already done for me you know? I just thought Tyra was fierce. That's a fierce female right there! And I felt the same way about Atoosa (Editor for Seventeen Magazine), they're both fierce women and they're both women I aspire to be like.
Me: What are your plans now that the show is done?
Melrose: Well now, I am designing in L.A. for a company called Ishkadada. They're brand new, and they're amazing! They are very innovative and versatile, they use brilliant and beautiful fabrics, and they're all on the forefront of technology. It's a great company, I'm happy to be a part of a start up company because I have a say, and I can be more creatively expressive, which is the only way I want to design right now, because my real dream for my 20's is to be a successful model in the high fashion industry. So I'm going to New York, I'll be modeling in New York, I wanna do runway, I wanna do print, I wanna do everything! But I'm also very open to acting, hosting and also to designing. So I have a lot on my plate, but my real drive right now is to model because it there's an expiration date on it.
Me: Exactly, so are you going to keep the blonde hair?
Melrose: You know what, I love the blonde! That's the best thing Tyra did for me, so I'm gonna keep it because I think it photographs really well with my face, and it makes me feel young and fun and it really complements me. That's one thing that I got out of the show that I really love! I love my blonde hair!
[PR Rep. kindly suggests that we need to wrap it up...]
Me: Ok, well thanks Melrose for taking time out to talk to me! (Melrose: Thank YOU for talking to me!)
well good luck to you in the future!
Melrose: Thanks! And you have a beautiful day!

December 6, 2006

CariDee is Named America's Next Top Model!

Check out my interviews with ANTM Winner CariDee, and runner's up Eugena and Melrose!

WHO Will Become America's Next Top Model?

Photo from CWTV spotted @
, Eugena or Melissa Rose?
Find out tonight!
(Watch the Season Finale Preview Below!)

December 5, 2006

Style Verdict: Oversized Bangs

I know you guys have had to notice this big bang trend. How could you not! Because it was like all of a sudden, everybody had these huge bangs. The British call them "fringe" and let me tell you, this is one trend that cycles in and out of fashion more than some popular clothing looks. I even wear side swept ones from time to time when I'm rocking my urban "Audrey Hepburn" upsweep complete with headband and liquid liner. Hot. Bangs can give you a completely different look if you don't normally wear them. But I have to admit the oversized ones are a bit much for me. I mean seriously, look at Alicia, Janet and Nelly. You know they can't see! But on the other hand if done right, bangs can bring attention to your eyes and just add some instant drama. So I want to know what you think about this new-but-really-it's-not-so-new hair trend? Do you love it? Hate it? Don't care? Would you try it? I wanna know your style verdict. [spotted @]

December 4, 2006

Blog Fabulous...

Hey ya'll! I recently came to the realization that I say "ya'll" a lot. I'm sooo southern, right? But not in the "skankalicious Britney Spears showing off her bumcake to anyone who wants to look at it" kinda way. Cuz you see, I'm southern, but I'm still FABULOUS! Fabulous because I wear underwear. Like 99.9% of the time. So check out these blog fabulous links while I wrap up some files and get it together for ya'll, all fabulous like, for later on this week.

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Think you can do the "uh-oh" dance performing as a background dancer for Beyonce? Because she'll be auditioning dancers in a city near you real soon, but don't screw up this chance! Cuz you know she could have another you in a minute. [The Hot Mess]

Watch your back Jennifer! Seriously, watch your back.
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WTH??? The answer to these is NO, NOPE, Uh-Uh... don't even worry about what the question is. [FabSugar]

Now you can translate Hip Candy into Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian or German! I'd bookmark this one. [Google Translator]

I've been wanting to try some of these for a while now. [Girlpaint]

Jennifer Hudson makes a fab covergirl! Like I said before Jen, watch your back. [Pop Culture Junkie]

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Well, I don't really need this as I've made it 11 years over the weekend, (woo-hoo!) Still thought it was a cute idea though... [Stylehive]

December 3, 2006

Payless Shoes Won't Be Ignored...

Got these in my inbox on Friday. These Payless shoes by designer Laura Poretzky for Abaete' are from their winter collection and may be worth a look see...

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December 2, 2006

Fashion No No...

Cropped pants, printed tights and work boots?
The horror.

[spotted @ Glamour]

December 1, 2006

My Interview with ANTM's Amanda...

The older twin, Amanda was eliminated this week from Top Model and I had a late phone interview with her on last evening. And not to be confused with her sister Michelle, Amanda was the obvious talker. Check out my interview with her below and find out the real reason she thinks the judges eliminated her, how she feels about Melrose, and who she thinks is more of a Diva, herself or her sister...

Amanda: Hi Chanel!
Me: Hi Amanda! How are you?

Amanda: I'm good!
Me: Well congratulations, you made it a long way on the show.
Amanda: Yes I did, I'm happy.
Me: I actually found out the other day when I was talking to your sister Michelle that you were the older twin. How much older are you?
Amanda: I'm 15 minutes older, and she broke her leg as we were being born, I don't know if she mentioned that.
Me: Wow! No she didn't. What happened again?
Amanda: Well, she was coming out feet first and they had to flip her around and she broke her foot.
Me: Wow, that sounds serious!
Amanda: Oh, it wasn't too bad, she was fine.
Me: Ok, so you guys are from Anaheim, California right?
Amanda: Yep, born and raised!
Me: So that's like the real "O.C."?
Amanda: Um, it's part of the O.C., it's like the heart of it, but it's not ANYTHING like the TV show. The closest beach is like 45 minutes away.
Me: Oh, so you're closer to Disneyland?
Amanda: Yeah, we’re about 5 minutes from Disneyland.
Me: So how did you and your sister Michelle find out that you had made it onto Top Model?
Amanda: Well, we got a phone call telling us that we made it to the top 33, and from there it was just finding out what was next from the process of elimination.
Me: Were you guys the first set of twins that made it onto the show?
Amanda: Yeah, I had heard that there were another set of twins before us, but we were the first set of twins that actually made it onto the show. Naima, one of the previous Top Model winners is a twin.
Me: Oh yeah, she is a twin, but you're right, her sister wasn't on the show. Ok, let's get to last week's challenge, when you guys found out that your next challenge was a dancing challenge, you seemed a little nervous about it, but then you ended up doing pretty good. Were you able to block out your nerves?
Amanda: Um, it wasn't the nerves so much, but I am a slower learner. I had to keep having them do it over and over again. It was really fast-paced and the other girls were picking up on it way quicker. I needed them to show me a couple more times so that I could get it. But once I practiced I could do it. It really wasn't easy to learn a dance in like, 2 hours.
Me: Well you ended up doing pretty good.
Amanda: Yeah, I did fine, but I did need the extra practice.
Me: Eugena ended up winning that challenge, and she picked you as her "co-winner", were you surprised she picked you and not Caridee, because she and Caridee seemed to be closer?
Amanda: Um, a little bit, I was surprised, but I think she [Eugena] picked me because she was like telling me that I had done a good job, you know, because I tried so hard, so it was like her telling me that you deserve to be up here with me. And I thought that was really nice.
Me: It was. Ok, let’s talk about this "icy pool" challenge, because that really seemed like some foolishness to me. Your partner, Caridee had to pull out early because, HELLO, the water was ridiculous cold! But you were able to stay in with no problem.
Amanda: I think what happened was that Caridee floated better, but I kind of moved around a lot in the water more which kept me warmer. And when we had a break, Caridee would just stop moving and stand still in the water so she got colder quicker. I actually looked pretty ridiculous in the pool jumping up and down, but I was staying warm! So I think that actually gave me an advantage.
Me: What do you think about what Tyra had to say about you having an "edgy" look and a "high-fashion" look, but still being a little awkward?

Amanda: Um, I think she had a point, but I mean, I don't think I was that awkward, I do think that I appeared awkward on that last panel because I kind of messed up on the dance when they asked us to do it and they pointed that out... they talked about how my foot was awkward, but, I don't know. I think that I have a good look for modeling, which I think will work to my advantage, and I'll just have to work harder to get past the awkward part.
Me: Well you do have a good look, and you took some really nice photos (Amanda: Thank you) so what was your favorite Top Model challenge?
Amanda: The acting challenges, when we were able to get on film, that was a lot of fun for me. I really like doing that. I like acting and doing theater for fun, so maybe one day I'll do it more seriously.
Me: Ok, let's get to your elimination. Were you surprised that you and your sister ended up being eliminated a week apart?
Amanda: Yeah, I kinda was, I thought I would stay longer, and I thought we were a strong final four but the judges decided at that point to point out my awkwardness. I think the judges were just looking for any reason to send someone home then.
Me: You said you wanted it more than your sister, and your sister even said that you wanted it more, so did getting eliminated from Top Model make your drive to be a model even stronger?
Amanda: Yeah I mean, Top Model was a big opportunity, but I do think that I got a lot out of it, and it’ll help me pursue my career, so I think everything I learned will help me to do better.

Me: Do you think it was easier for you while you had your sister there?
Amanda: Um, it didn’t make that big of a difference, I mean it was nice to have her there, I could kind of focus more after she was gone, but I mean, she wasn’t gone away that long!
Me: That’s true. Well, your sister told me that she was going to finish out her semester at school and then continue to pursue modeling. What are your plans are now that the show is over?
Amanda: Well I’m going to finish out my semester too, since there’s only 2 weeks left, there’s no reason to drop out now! And then I definitely want to find an agency and see where that can take me.
Me: So do you plan to stay in California?

Amanda: For now, yeah, I want to start in L.A. and see where that takes me and if I end up overseas, then that’ll be my next step!
Me: Who would you like to see win Top Model this season?
Amanda: I don’t know, but my gut feeling is saying that it’s going to be a “blonde”. I think Eugena’s a great person but her portfolio wasn’t as strong… I don’t know, I just have the feeling that it’s going to be a blonde.
Me: So you’re thinking either Caridee or Melrose?
Amanda: That’s what my gut is telling me.
Me: Ok, onto my fun questions! Ready? (Amanda: Ok.) If you had to choose between Melrose and Monique to be roommates with, who would you choose?
Amanda: Melrose! In a heartbeat! In a heartbeat! I got along with Melrose, I mean, most people didn’t, but we had good conversations, and Monique was just, ridiculous.

Me: Monique was pretty over the top. (Amanda: She was unreal.) Ok, who was funnier, Jaeda or Caridee?
Amanda: That’s a good one! Wow, I think Jaeda had like more of a comedian aspect but Caridee was funnier, but I don’t know they were both pretty funny girls.
Me: Between you and your sister Michelle, which of you would you say is a DIVA?
Amanda: A Diva? I don’t know?! Did we come off as Divas?
Me: Well no, you didn’t, not really, but I guess the reason I asked that is because usually when there are twins or even just sisters, there’s usually a stronger personality and a weaker one, so I was just asking which one was which.
Amanda: Oh, ok, well I guess if I had to say someone, I’d have to say myself. I’d probably be the one who was more of a diva than my sister. I can’t see my sister being a diva in the least, and I can kinda see myself being a diva sometimes, you know… just a little.
Me: Have you and your sister become local celebrities since leaving the show?
Amanda: Um, a little bit, yeah, our local newspaper did an article about us the other day, but [the recognition] is not overbearingly so.
Me: Well thank you Amanda, I appreciate you talking to me and I wish you much success in the future!
Amanda: Thank you!