January 31, 2007

Fall Fashion Week Pre-Show: Rachel Roy

Rachel Roy showed off her fall 2007 collection on Wednesday (Jan. 31) in New York, and although I really liked a couple of her pieces (like I don't quite understand why I totally love the little grey mini-dress with the pockets... but I do!) I think that her Spring/Summer collection was a little stronger. I do however, LOVE that she included pockets on almost all of her pieces. A nice touch.

See pics from Rachel Roy's 2007 Spring/Summer Show


  1. I love Rachel Roy... her style is impeccably feminine!

  2. I adore Rachel Roy too. I love that minidress and leather jacket combo.

  3. well....

    I just don't get her. Her point of view is not original. Her design seem like a mix of Marc,Chanel,Posen.Very classic and feminine but her designs have no originality. Ok the cream cowl neck dress is very smart looks lux and is different but that grey embellished suit looks like something St. John has been doing for years. and the leather jacket over a floaty dress...yeah real original. sorry, fashionistas!!!

  4. Speak on it Jamie! Opposing fashion views are what makes the world go 'round!

    Well, not really, but they're still welcome, lol!

    And I can also certainly see your point.

  5. Well Jamie's got the point.
    Roy doesn't know a thing about putting a collection together,(though she might about dressing them out) but she sure has been switching desingers every 1~3 collections(through at least 4 head designers just the ones I know of) in that short 2.5 years of her collection, both dumping and getting dumped! What kind of originality could you possibly expect