January 14, 2007

Inspired by Michael Kors...

This dress right here is for ME. Vintage done RIGHT! When I saw this Michael Kors metallic brocade dress in my January '07 issue of ELLE magazine, let me tell you. I fell HARD. I may get upset with Michael at times during his judging stints on "Project Runway" but the man's talent is undeniable. There's an air of "wearable luxury" to his pieces, in my opinion. I love the Audrey Hepburn look and feel of this dress. I want this dress! And I will truly attempt to do it justice when fabricating my own version (the Michael Kors version will set you back a cool $1,595, just fyi...).
That embroidered black fabric above? I purchased 5 yards of it like a year ago, and I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do with it until I saw that dress. Now, I'm gonna try and take my time on this one, as I tend to rush through sewing. Back when I was in design school, (FIDM) we generally had to crank out a new piece on a weekly basis, and I think operating in that kind of fast paced environment carried over into my post-degree sewing activities. I usually sew like I have to have it done RIGHT AWAY, or I'll wait until RIGHT BEFORE an event, and want to sew up an entire ensemble to wear to said event without giving myself ample time to complete it. It's probably psychological. Design school was an extremely intense venture. One day soon, I'll tell you all about it!

Anyway, I don't currently have any upcoming special events to where this dress to. But I'm certain I will! I'm excited about it! Stay tuned...


  1. Yeah, another sewing project! Can't wait to see your version. That dress is hot!

  2. Hey mama!

    From one FIDM grad to another: Baby, you can do it - take your time, do it right!