January 18, 2007

It's Raining Here...

It's cold too, and I don't like it. Just about the only thing I can stand about cold, rainy, wet, soggy, moist and nasty weather is that I have the shoes for it. Wellies! Yes Wellies. Puddle jumpers. Rainboots. The plaid pair below is the EXACT pair I own. And I love 'em.

And before you ask, NO, you don't have to be a 4th grader to wear a pair. All you need to own a pair of Wellies, is a severe love for your suede peep toe wedges that you are soooo not gonna ruin by wearing them out in the wet and nasty. You can wear your Wellies with your fave jeans tucked in or out or even pair them with a fun skirt. Mine are so roomy inside that I can wear them with my fuzziest pair of fuzzball socks underneath for maximum dryness and comfort! And let me tell you, everytime I wear mine out in rainy weather, someone compliments me on them. I can always count on a "Wow! You knew what to do today didn't you!" Or a, "Oh! How cute those are! You're smart!" See?

I'm telling you, if you decide to buy a pair, believe me, it won't be a wasted purchase, and don't even worry about it... you can just thank me later. Click to browse more Wellies from designer to bargain priced, and next time it rains, you'll be so glad you did.

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