January 17, 2007

The Links Just Don't Stop...

Proud Mary! Some of the sweetest Mary Jane shoes I've seen in a while. [Scarlet B. Designs]

Check out this Clip of the Week. Funny stuff. And ya'll know I likes the funny. [Haute Gossip]

A Red Carpet Dress Copy! OMG! The Horror! [Us Weekly]

Proenza Schouler is coming to Target February 4! [Fashion Nette-Work]

Like MAC Cosmetics? Enter to win Free MAC Products! [Lavish Magazine]

Have you VOTED yet for HIP CANDY in the GLAM Awards? There's 14 categories and Hip Candy is nominated for 5! Having your votes would be just peachy! Click to vote for Hip Candy NOW!


  1. Hi Chanel,

    I wanted to know if you wanted to do a link exchange. My blog is Style and Focus Lifestyle PR (http://styleandfocuspr.blogspot.com).

    Let me know if you would like to.
    Thanks and take care.

  2. I need those olive Mary Janes! Any info on where to get them?

  3. Anonymous-

    Check Zappos.com for those shoes.

  4. Found them!!!!!! Thanks!

  5. Piperlime has them on sale.