January 12, 2007

We have a WINNER!

After a strenuous evening of vote counting, we have "scientifically" determined a winner! (my husband pulled the winning entry from a cereal bowl...)

Congratulations to
Sarah Afshar!
Sarah is the WINNER of HIP CANDY'S first HIP GIVEAWAY!

Thanks to everyone who entered! And your favorite posts were The Best of Hip Candy 2006 entries (your top fave!) with the Top Model interviews running a close 2nd! And the "Hip Candy Love" was tremendous in your emails by the way, so I have to say (pause) **sniffling** that I am humbled by the undying adoration for Hip Candy. But jokes aside, ya'll's emails were really positive and encouraging and I so appreciate that, so THANK YOU.

Well Congrats again to Sarah Afshar, WINNER of HIP CANDY'S first HIP GIVEAWAY! What FUN this was! We'll do it again soon!


  1. Congrats Sarah.


    Cool prize Chanel.

  2. DAMMIT SARAH, You stole my Christmas Present!! Just joking, congratulations chick!!!

  3. Congratulations! Sarah :)

  4. I almost choked on my water... I was like "I won and she didn't even tell me?!"... wrong Sarah though... it's all good.

    Enjoy Sarah Afshar!