January 19, 2007

Who Had the LOOK on LOCK?

Jennifer & Gwyneth in PRADA.

Samantha & Toni in FRENCH CONNECTION.

Jennifer & Jane in MARC BOUWER.

Ali & Maria in CALVIN KLEIN.

Photo Source: People, Us Weekly


  1. Jennifer looks much better in the Prada dress. I prefer the color in black, and I prefer the accessories. Plus I'm done with Gwyneth's super strait hair.

    Samantha for sure. Toni's scarf, and shiny tights are ruining it.

    Not sure. I don't like the Marc Bouwer dress on either of em. I'll say Jane. I like the gold purse with it.

    I like Ali, but I prefer how Maria wore the dress. The one shoulder thing Ali is doing isn't working.

  2. picture 1 - Jennifer
    picture 2 - Samantha
    picture 3 - Jennifer
    picture 4 - Maria

  3. pict 1 - Jenny from the Hud is the fabulousness.(is Gwyneth pregnant again?)

    pict 2 - Toni looks hot if she's going for mannequin-glam. I would vote for her from the neck to the thighs. Otherwise, she looks like she needs to be on display in the misses dept at Macy's. Samantha wins by default.

    pict 3 - Jenny from the Hud wins again.

    pict 4 - gotta go with Maria. You can never go wrong with black.

  4. J-hud for the two she's featured in and Maria for the last.

  5. Jennifer Hudson in both pictures hands down. The red coat is blah on both of them and Ali looks much better in the dress. The colr is more striking. In the black it looks like and old video ho dress.

  6. (1) Jennifer

    (2) Put Toni's shoes on Sam and she wins

    (3) Jennifer

    (4) Ali

  7. Jennifer, Samantha, Jennifer, Maria

  8. Jennifer Hudson KNOWS how to dress for her body type... she's BANGIN. 2 points for J-Hud.

    Don't like Samatha's boots with the outfit. At ALL. I like the plaid peeping through the jacket. So, as much as I don't like her hair/make-up... Toni wins but the skin on her teeth.

    Like both Ali & Maria... I think Maria's is a tad tight, but, they both pulled the look off... TIE.