February 16, 2007

Designer Lela Rose At Payless...

Designer Lela Rose is joining past designers (Abaete) by designing a shoe line for Payless Shoes. Lela Rose debuted her new line of shoes during her Fall Fashion Week runway show earlier this month in NYC, and I must say, her shoe line looks to be exceptional. Watch the video from her Fashion Week runway show below paying close attention to the footwear.. the shoes you see on the models (fabulous peep toes!) will be part of what you'll have to choose from when you're shopping at Payless this summer! I can hardly wait.



  1. Payless is doing the damn thing!

  2. Payless is soo gonna be my thing this fall!!

  3. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! way to go Lela Rose

    for all us Fashionistas on a budget -- after all we wear our shoes just a couple of times anyway

    muackiss gorgeous things