February 26, 2007

J. Hud's and Beyonce's Oscar Performance...

Anika Noni Rose too! Just in case you missed it.


  1. Ok, here we go AGAIN...Can someone please notify Beyonce and let her know that she is no longer the star of the show! She was cool when she first hit the spot light, but she needs to step aside and let others get some glory. As far as I'm concerned, Jenn should have come from the middle of the floor. It was not her night...get over yourself Beyonce and let others enjoy fame for a minute.

    I believe she has talent...the girl can "sang", but she needs to stop being the center of attention ALL THE TIME!

  2. J-Hud can sing and when she outsang Beyonce on 'Listen" my jaw dropped! WOW! Anika Noni got soul and Keith is smooth. This is by far one of the strongest, enjoyable, best performance I've seen since I started watching the Oscars religiously.

  3. J-Hud can sing, but she so missed the beginning of "I love you I do". She has a very stong voice, and when she learns to control it...wow!

  4. We did it big for Black History Month.

    1. 3 prestigious award winning young sistahs performed together

    2. Bobby Brown got arrested again (and all the baby mamas say YEAH!)

    3. Al Sharpton found out he's kin to one of the most notorious racists ever (...the irony)

    4. Foxy Brown is fighting against for racial discrimination (she needs to fight whoever is selling her that pink lipstick)

    5. 12 year old Justin Combs is a pimp in the making

    6. ...and finally James Brown is taking his last bow. Truly the hardest working man in show business, dead or alive.

    (I can see the burial now. They'll start lowering the casket and then somebody will come up and throw that cape over it. All of a sudden he'll pop up out of that casket with his white sequined body suit on and do one last encore performance of Sex Machine "...get up, get on up, get up, get on up...gotta stay on the scene...like a sex machine...")

    We sho'll know how to shine for Black History Month!

  5. Nita! STOP IT!!!!!

    LOL on James and Foxy Brown!

    But you are so right! We "showed and proved" for Black History month didn't we?!

    Too funny.