February 28, 2007

Kathleen Eliminated?? NOOOOOO!!!

Kathleen was the first eliminee from ANTM Cycle 8 and she was seriously turning out to be my fast favorite. For real. I promise, my first impression of her wasn't the greatest, but she grew on me REAL FAST. I'm just tore up right now. WTH did they eliminate her?? She had such an innocence and genuine quality about her that I was soooo ready to root for. I was even getting used to all her "Brooklyn-ness". It was mildly endearing.

I'm sorry... I'm gonna need some time to process this before I speak to her tomorrow.


  1. i was surprised to see her eliminated. i didn't think she would go this fast.

  2. I know right? And I was all geared up to root for her.

    I hate that she was the first to go.

  3. I haven't started watching this cycle yet, but apparently I'm missing it!

    Your raw emotion about this elimination rivals that of Jennifer Holiday singing on the roof at the Oscars. Need a hug?

  4. That display of raw emotion was REAL. But I'm straight now, thanks nita.

  5. Yea, I just finished watching the Season Premiere (thanks for the link... shaved that last hour of work off really fast! lol...), and I'm tooooo sad to see this girl go. She was SO cute and SWEET, and FUNKY!

    Now I'm ready for 007 Natasha to go... thought I liked her at first, but just don't think her "mind is right".