February 3, 2007

NY Fall Fashion Week: Baby Phat

Baby Phat presented its Fall collection on Friday with its Russian party girl theme and surprisingly, I liked a number of Kimora's pieces as I don't normally go for her usual style aesthetic. Notice how I tried to be all diplomatic and make that sound good? Nice right?! That's because I'm professional. Never mind that I had to take a short trip over to ask.com to make sure I was spelling "aesthetic" right (lol!) So what exactly is Kimora's usual style aesthetic you ask? Click here to see.
But how sweet is that little white mini-dress with the empire waist?! You know what? I think I may have a bit of a mini-dress fetish going on right about now...
Click to see a few pics from the Baby Phat Spring Collection.


  1. Thanks for the Fashion Week updates. I love those shorts from Baby Phat... I may be sporting some of those for spring!

  2. And you'd be super cute in them too Erica!

  3. Chanel... I like this collection from kiki. very wearable,sexy,gangsta,yet serious. This bags that came down the runway were ridiculous. I love a big ole' crazy bag. The boots with fur trim...I thought was kinda dated. However, I will say, it looked a little Sweetface Fall 2005. Thanks for great coverage,sis!!