February 11, 2007

Sunday Outfit...

Remember my style diary I started back in November last year? Yeah, I didn't think you would, as that November entry was my very first style diary entry and this one is #2, lol!

Anyways, this is the outfit I wore today to church... MUCH more conservative than my usual, but I like to sample new flavors from time to time. Not to mention the compliments on my more sophisticated style were plentious and most welcome! Thanks ya'll!

Sweater: Abercrombie
Skirt w/inverted pleat: Express, from about 8 seasons ago.
Shoes: Lipstick red 4 inch peep toes! I hate that my "special camera" isn't showing them as they should be.
Scarf: Purchased from a random NYC street vendor for $5 a few years ago, it was about 55 degrees here today.

Check out my flat abs in that forward shot! But I was totally sucking it in in that side shot. To the point of mild pain. And some throbbing.


  1. LOVED IT!!!!

    lol... Sucking in until mild pain & throbbing!LOL... only while the cameras are out, otherwise, I could care less! :-)

    You looked FABULOUS!

  2. You rocked yesterday! Too bad you can't see the red shoes in the pic...*in my best Miss Jay voice* they were fierce!

  3. Thanx ya'll! For realz! I guess I just felt like trying out something new... because ya'll know me. I'm a JAACT kinda girl!

    [JAACT=Jeans and a cute top.]

    Other blogs have all these cute abbreviated terms, so I'm starting my own!

  4. yeah I will the camera shows the color of the shoes...but they are still cute..

    and I like that skirt...

    and I like the abbreviation...I gotta get some of those myself, to make me look cooler.

  5. JAACT.... good one! I'm definitely that girl too!

    But your blog inspires me to expand my horizons in the world of fashion... THANKS!