March 22, 2007

Do Bangs Make it Better?

Everybody's getting bangs cut here lately. What do ya'll think?
(Halle Berry & Shanna Moakler)

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  1. I think bangs can be cute when done right. I actually perfer the Halle Berry look with Bangs. That particular hairstyle has volume and is not just lying flat like the normal flat hairstyle she has been wearing as of late.

  2. I agree... I think Halle looks younger with the bangs... I like it better style-wise too.

    But it just depends on the person whether or not the look works.

  3. Halle looks great - her bangs are sort of side swept, which makes the look less severe.

  4. Both look good with or with out bangs. It is just a different look. Gives the option to change up and still look hot.

  5. It's like an anti-aging secret that's coming out! I recently cut my hair and my bangs are really short. It took years off my face.