March 27, 2007

Expensive Designer Fug...

First Louis Vuitton comes out with a $40,000 bag that has the highest fug factor known to man (and isn't that price just ridiculous?), then Coach comes ready to do battle and throws down the gauntlet with their considerably less expensive (its less than $300), but still very fug patchwork version. Is there some kind of ugly designer bag trend going on? I don't care how exclusive and expensive these bags are, they're both so not cute IMO.


  1. THe Louis is ugly, and I can't believe coach got into the patchwork crap.

  2. LOL!! Awww...I love Coach patchwork bags:( But that's just the boho country bumkin' in me. I actually had a few Vera bradley bags...eww.

  3. Those are extremely ugly as hell. I cracked up when Rosie O'Donnel made one out of some scraps of whatever for $40 dollars. lol.