March 23, 2007

My Interview With ANTM's Felicia...

I got a chance to speak with Felicia, the 4th "Top Model" eliminee earlier and some of what she had to say was pretty eye-opening. To be so young, she’s extremely intuitive. It was impressive. I liked her a lot too.

So peep my interview with her below and find out how she feels about being compared to Tyra, why her elimination caught her completely by surprise and why she toughed it out like a true soldier and didn’t cry during her elimination…
Click here for the interview with Felicia...

Me: Hey Felicia!

Felicia: Hi!

Me: How are you?

Felicia: I'm good, how are you?

Me: I'm good. Well, you are another one that I didn't expect to be eliminated so early, did you expect it
Felicia: No I didn't!

Me: I thought you showed real strength in the way you handled your elimination.

Felicia: Thank you! I tried not to cry!

Me: Were you trying really, really hard?

Felicia: I was! Because when I cry, I can't talk, and I really wanted to talk, so...

Me: Well it’s a good thing you didn’t cry! I wanted to ask you, do you think the competition got harder from week to week for you?

Felicia: No, it was nerve-racking, all the way through, because you never know what's gonna happen, but it wasn't getting harder, I was actually expecting to stay this past elimination, so I don't know. My last photo shoot with Jay actually went very well, so I really don't know.

Me: You and Samantha, who has already been eliminated were the youngest two this season, right? (Felicia: Yes.)
Do you think that the other girls had more experience or no?

Felicia: No, I don't think so, because Kathleen was older than me and she hadn't had any experience. I had more experience than her! Her experience was.... wait, what did she say? I think she said that she walked down the streets of Brooklyn as her "runway"?

Me: You’re right, she did say that. And you had done some runway before?

Felicia: I had done runway before.

Me: How did you feel about the judges comparing you to Tyra?

Felicia: Umm... it was flattering at first. I mean it still is flattering, but I really just wanted people to see me for me and not "the girl who looks like Tyra".

Me: Do you even think you look like her?

Felicia: I think we resemble a little, but not really.

Me: Ok, well how did you feel about your makeover?

Felicia: I love it! I still have it right now.

Me: Really?

Felicia: Yes, I think it's adorable.

Me: I liked it a lot on you too. I wasn't really feeling the blonde hair on you.

Felicia: Well that's how my hair was when I went in to audition, and when I made it on to the show, they [show producers] told me that I had to come back exactly the way they saw me during the auditions.

Me: Oh ok, so you couldn't change anything. (Felicia: No.) Ok. Well I know that you and Jaslene had a bit of a run-in on an earlier episode, had you guys patched things up before you left?

Felicia: Actually, we did. We had patched things up either the same night everything happened, or the night after that, but they didn't show it! And I was mad, because I was like, "dang!" They could have showed us getting along!

Me: Um, yeah, they're not gonna show you guys getting along... that's not good T.V. (Felicia: Yeah...) Well, what about Renee, what is up with her?

Felicia: Umm.. she's a question mark. Renee is like.. she has a sweet side, she really does, but I think she has a wall up, because she feels like she HAS to. Like I don't know her past experiences, I don't know if she used to get treated badly, and she feels like, ok, I'm gonna hurt your feelings before you get a chance to hurt mine, or I'm gonna make you look dumb before you make me look dumb. It seems like a sort of "forced bitchiness". Like that's not really her. Because I've seen her sweet side.

Me: Ok, wow. That sheds a different light on her. Interesting. Well I do know that you have a background in dance right? (Felicia: Yes.) What kind of dancing did you do?

Felicia: Well, I've had training in ballet, modern, hip-hop, lyrical, jazz, tap, and.. did I say hip-hop? (Me: Yes you did..) Ok, but right now, I focus more on hip-hop. I mean its always good to go back and practice technique with ballet and jazz and stuff, but right now my focus is on hip-hop dance because it's more fun to me.

Me: So you’re still dancing?

Felicia: Yes, its just something that gets my mind off stuff when I'm stressed or when I'm mad about something, I'll dance it off! But I don’t like it over MODELING! Not at all. I love modeling over dance... but dance is right under modeling!

Me: Well your dancing certainly helped you in a couple of your challenges.

Felicia: Yes it did! And I'm so glad I had that advantage.

Me: So, on your final photo shoot where you had to portray a crime scene victim and basically breathe "life" into a "dead pose" you know, that was about the only time that you seemed a little confused about how you were gonna pull it off.

Felicia: Actually, I was really confident about that whole shoot and picture after it was done, because my photo shoot went so smoothly with Jay, like that was the only photo shoot that went that smoothly. My first photo shoot (controversial political issues), I was scared out of my mind, I didn't know what I was doing, my second photo shoot (high school clich├ęs), I was emotional, on my third photo shoot (nude candy-coated), Jay told me I wasn't giving him enough and that I needed to bring more. But this last one (crime scene) went smooth! Jay told me that I had turned into a model in two days, and it was weird because that's the photo that got me eliminated.

Me: Hmm. Well Nigel also said that he felt like you were walking into the judging panel with some cockiness, do you think you were being cocky at all during the competition?

Felicia: Well, when I walked up to panel I was always like, open-minded and I just tried to listen to everything that they told me. Like I didn't strut up there or anything like that, or have this stuck-up look on my face, I was more scared than anything of what was gonna be said.

Me: Maybe you hid it well. Maybe you seemed confident in your abilities and they mistook it for something else you think?

Felicia: Well I have no clue, because Nigel also said that I was relying on the fact that they called me "baby Tyra" and the judging panel never called me that, the girls called me that. So that was another question mark. And then, Tyra told me I was getting weaker week by week, but my first two photo shoots, "the bride" and then the "high school cliche" where I played the jock, were two very good shots, and on the ice cream shot, Nigel told me that I "owned" the picture and this last one was the only one that I had a bad critique. So I'm still trying to figure out exactly how I was getting weaker, week by week. I don't know.

Me: You do have a point there, I don't know about that either, maybe after the judges decide on who they're eliminating, they just have to say random stuff that makes sense to only them.

Felicia: I would love to get all the judges together and just sit down and record it, no editing, no nothing, and just see what they say!

Me: That might not be a bad idea, just to see whether or not they would contradict themselves. Well the judges also said that they thought you were a really pretty girl but they didn't think you were ready to handle the competition and that you also needed more development. Do you agree with that?

Felicia: No. And I don't see how they could think that from one bad picture. I mean, It's not like I was on there crying about stuff all the time. I could see if they had said that to Renee because she kinda whined a lot, about how everything wasn't fair because they didn't give her stuff she was good at. You know, that's not being able to handle the competition, like you should be able to handle whatever they give you.

Me: True, so true. Well now that you are out of the competition, who do you think is gonna win?

Felicia: I want Dionne to win so bad! Dionne is my buddy! We were the closest! If Dionne doesn’t win, I think they should give it to Jael.

Me: Yeah, I talked to Cassandra last week after she was eliminated and she liked Jael too.

Felicia: Oh yeah, Cassandra liked everybody! That's my girl too, she was really positive.

Me: Yes she was.. so you're from Houston, TX right? (Felicia: Yes.) Well what are your future plans, do you plan on staying in Houston?

: No ma'am! That is out of the question! I mean, Houston will always be my love, that’s my hometown and I love it, but "Cali" is the business! It is so fun out here, I wanna move here so bad!

Me: So a big move is definitely in your plans?

Felicia: Yes.

Me: So how does your family feel about you pursuing modeling?

Felicia: My mom is so proud of me, she really is, my boyfriend can’t stop bragging, he’s proud of me, his sister is proud of me and their mom, she lives out here [California] actually, so I’m gonna be staying here with her for a couple weeks after all of this is done.

Me: So you’re gonna continue modeling and try to hook up with some agencies while you’re there?

Felicia: Yes, definitely.

Me: Have you even been back home yet? Do you know if you’re like a celebrity back in your hometown?

Felicia: I have no clue! I have people texting me from my old high school telling me that I’m like the talk of the school and stuff. I haven’t been home yet so I really don’t know.

Me: Well you may need to get prepared for when you do return home, you might need to get more “people”.

Felicia: Yeah, I know, right?

Me: Thanks for talking to me Felicia, and I wish you nothing but success in whatever your future plans are!

Felicia: Thank you so much!


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