March 24, 2007

Halle Can Still Fit Into Her Jeans from High School...

Once a year, Halle Berry 40, tries on the Mickey Mouse jeans she bought when she was 15. "It’s my annual test,” she reveals in the April issue of InStyle. “I try them on once a year, and if I can still fit into them, all is good in the world!”

Umm... ok.. am I the only one who thinks she could have kept that to herself??? Jeez! I'm doubling up my time on the treadmill this week.


  1. Yeah...yeah...yeah...She tries on jeans from 25 years ago...I try on jeans from 5 months ago and pray I can still fit them. Let's face it, the Halle Berrys of the world are the exception, not the norm.

  2. Why is she trying on jeans from HS in the first place? Am I the only one that finds this odd?

  3. Hell, I'm not even sure my cap and gown from high school would fit me anymore.

  4. Sorry about the first post. I hate spelling errors! This is what I said:
    I'm so jealous of Halle. She's so pretty, has a smokin' hot boyfriend, and can fit into her jeans from when she was 15. I'm not even sure I could fit into my jeans from when I was 15 and that was only 3 years ago. This is the type of info that makes me want to catch an eating disorder (yes, catch, becasuse the only way I would ever have an eating disorder is if they were contagious).

  5. OMG... lol...

    Umm... ok.. am I the only one who thinks she could have kept that to herself??? Jeez!


    She's so undeniably hot though. I can't even get mad at her...

  6. OK, how do you spell 'jealous'. I am so damn jealous but she is so cute and got it going on. Hell, mybe if I could BUY a pair in the size I was in high school I could get motivated and look hot too.

    Now, that is a damn good idea and I just might to it so I can join the 'I can fit into my high school jeans as well'.

  7. Anon, you're right, that's not a bad idea! And it has a 50/50 shot at working... you'll either get motivated to work hard and make something happen or you'll just get mad and put the jeans up for sale on Ebay.

  8. lol, yeah she coulda kept that to herself.. In high school I had a donkey, now the shit just disappeared :(