March 10, 2007

Hip Weekend Links...

It's the weekend, yay! Some links for ya'll...

Watch the movie trailer for "Perfect Stranger" starring Halle Berry and Bruce Willis. Movie opens April 13. [Youtube]

Are you not supposed to laugh at children when they sing in church? If not... Forgive me Lord. [C&D]

Tony Parker is a rapper. A French rapper... yeah, I didn't jump up and down either. [Hollywood Rag]

Antonella Barba just wants to sing. Or something like that. [USA Today]

Hip-Hop Artists dispense financial advice. [USA Today]

Kim Kardashian has an exercise tape. Oy. [Veoh Video]

Style Spy, Hot, hot pink! [Life & Style]

You know what he did??? Ha! Too cute! [Myspace Video]

Have a fab weekend!


  1. That work out video is quite the trashiness....with Tony Parker's rapping coming in a close second!

    Love the links!

    Oh and LOVE Hillary Duff's dress... I think it's the shade of pink and the cut of the dress part that I like, and not the Hillary Duff part.

    Honestly, I doubt I'll EVER pick up a pink dress off of any rack. We'll see...

  2. I cannot wait to see Perfect Stranger, hopefully the movie will do well at the boxoffice.