March 9, 2007

Housekeeping: Note To The Mozilla Users...

I have recently been made aware that Hip Candy shows up correctly in Internet Explorer, but looks a HOT MESS in the Mozilla Firefox browser. To all my loyal Hip Candy readers, it is not the intent of Hip Candy or its publishers to look a mess in ANYONE'S browser. Please rest assured that we have taken this bit of information under advisement, and will do everything possible to remedy this most unfortunate situation.

I do appreciate your patience.

Hip Candy

Hip Candy
should be A-Ok in the Mozilla Firefox browser now as well as Internet Explorer. [Thanks Thur!]


  1. thank you soooo much!!!! i havent been able to see your site since you changed it and i didnt know what the problem was, but i was very dismayed. i just kept checking back and back but i didnt give up on you though... and today when i saw it was back to normal i got in trouble in class because i said "yaaaay" without realizing that i said it outloud.

  2. I can't even imagine the traffic I must have been losing because of the browser mess up! But your comment was one of the best encouragements EVER cali chick! I so appreciate you for sticking with me!