March 11, 2007

Lunch Date...

I wore this outfit last week to a mid-week lunch date. I felt really bright and cheery with it on because of all the color! Remember my Spring trends-primary colors post? Well, I was attempting a little of that. I made the yellow top a few weeks ago. And after I finished the top, I thought it had a sort of "vintage-y" feel to it. The neckline angles in this top gave me the blues though! I would do the neckline completely different if I were doing it over. I made the top a tunic length with side vents. Overall I was pretty pleased with it. It's a perfect little shell underneath a jacket!

Red Cropped Jacket: Express
Yellow "Vintage-y" Top: Homemade
Jeans: Seven
Shoes: (fave!) Camel colored suede peep toe wedges


  1. Cute outfit... love the bright colors!

  2. YUP! Cutie-patootie!!!

    Was the hair up or down?