March 29, 2007

Me & The Art Show...

My girl Kimberly had an Art Show here in town last night to showcase some of her beautiful artwork. She's super talented. She paints, she does photography, she writes poetry, she works with kids, she is a true wonder. And chances are, if you've ever shopped at Kirkland's, then you may have already seen some of her work. Beautiful. She's the one who took my birthday pics last year. Love her. The outfit I'm wearing (above) is what I wore to her show. JAACT works for me when going out a good 90% of the time. Casual chic, you just can't beat it. Anyway, back to my girl Kim, make sure to check her out when you get a chance. She has some of her photography up on her site now, but check back on her to view some of her paintings! (that's her picture on the right..)

Me at the Art Show
Brown Silk Top:
JLo by Jennifer Lopez
Black Skinny Jeans: Mossimo (Target)
Black Platform Peep Toes: by Delicious

JAACT="Jeans and a cute top"


  1. Love the outfit. Those jeans are too cute and look good on you. See, you are about to convince me to get a pair.

  2. Thanks ya'll! Get a pair Erica! I was iffy about 'em too before I purchased a pair, but you'd be surprised how they can actually make you look "skinny"!

    And Cheap Chica, somebody actually threw that silk JLo top out... I found it at a local thrift store for $7 with all the tags still attached!

  3. Love the look and I am SOOO biting the "JAACT" acronym since I live by it!LOL!!

  4. By all means Samida! I first saw it in an issue of Elle mag.

  5. Really like those jeans and the photog's style.

  6. Chanel you have coined the a new and perfect fashion catch phrase, JAAcT!!! Must put that in the girlfriend vocab:)!

  7. Hey Chanel, yeah JAACT is a must, it is default outfit! I have enough shoes to jazz any jean up! Cute outfit what thrift store?? I must go! Don't hold on a local sister LOL! I'll be watching out for Kim, I'm always looking for stuff to do in BR...

  8. @ Melody-

    Great American Thrift (Cortana)&
    Plato's Closet (Siegen, down from Target)

    Get it!

  9. Nice to know I'm not the only who buys her jeans at Target...Mossimo are the only jeans that fit me. By the way, love your outfit. Wish I could've attended the show. Kimberly sounds incredible.