March 15, 2007

My Interview With ANTM's Cassandra...

I got to talk to Cassandra earlier and I liked her even more after her interview. She has a great attitude. Wish she could have stayed in the competition longer. But, oh well.. Check out my interview with her and find out how her Christianity helped her to keep a level head in the house, the drama that unfolded on the nude ice cream photo shoot, her top picks of the girls left in the house and what she thinks about the shocking, and emerging trend of heterosexual men wearing stiletto heels...

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Cassandra: Hey Chanel!

Me: Hey Cassandra, how are you?

Cassandra: Doing great!

Me: Well Cassandra, I was not ready for you to be eliminated so early.

Cassandra: Thank you!

Me: But I was happy that you were able to make it to the makover episode, because I was a little concerned about you having that wig sewn onto your head. (she's laughing..) were you satisfied with your makeover?

Cassandra: I was satisfied, I loved it! It was an afro and afros make a very proud statement. I enjoyed it. I thought it was hot. It really complemented my funky style!

Me: Well how long did it take to complete that look?

Cassandra: Umm, it was a while, it probably took about 6 hours I would say.

Me: 6 hours? Wow.

Cassandra: Yeah, they had to braid my hair in a beehive, then they had to put the net on and then sew the hair in, so yeah, it took a while.

Me: Did they have to trim or cut it any once you had it on?

Cassandra: Well once they got it on, they debated about trimming it but didn't do it, instead they just kind of teased it to make it look more wild and high fashion.

Me: Oh, ok. So you're from Seattle, WA right?

Cassandra: Yep. Born and raised.

Me: Well tell me a little about Seattle.

Cassandra: I was born and raised in Seattle, it's a green city, it's a happy city, it's a place where people say "Hi" to each other on the streets.

Me: Really, because you hear all kinds of things about Seattle. Because it rains so much there (Cassandra: it does...) that the people there are really depressed. Is it anything like that, or is that description a bit of a stretch?

Cassandra: Well if you visited for just a couple days, then yeah, you might think that. But if you lived there, you'd know that Seattle's a happy city, it does rain a lot, and it is kinda cold, but it is very fresh and green and beautiful.

Me: Oh ok. Well you were the oldest girl in the house right?

Cassandra: I was!

Me: Well do you think that was why you were able to cope a little better with the other girls and kind of help them sort out their problems?

Cassandra: No, I don't think it was just because I was older that I was able to cope, but I did have a little bit more experience. But I'm also a Christian, a really strong Christian and I love the Lord, and I know that the Bible teaches me to be kind to everyone. So I was competitive, but I was also kind and I think that you can be both.

Me: Well I agree totally, and I think you had a wonderful compassion, a great attitude and a fantastic spirit that was displayed while you were on the show.

Cassandra: Thank you very much!

Me: So, did you notice that when you were eliminated that most of the girls were pretty upset?

Cassandra: Yes, I did notice that they were sad, I was supportive to everyone, so I was glad that I had such a positive impact on them. I thought that was really sweet.

Me: Do you think that it's possible that one of the reasons you were eliminated was because you weren't all ghetto and dramatic and loud?

Cassandra: Definitely! Definitely, I'm sure that that had to be part of the reason why I was eliminated. Making good TV always helps! And when you have more of a dramatic or negative personality, then that makes for better TV than being positive.

Me: Well, do you think it also hurt your chances any when you were disqualified in the makeup challenge when you came back late?

Cassandra: Well, that also hurt my chances as well, so yes. They told us the directions at first, to come back over to the space where she [the judge] was at, but I wasn't thinking. I was thinking that I would drop everything right where I was and then the judges would come around and check our faces. But by the time I looked up, I heard 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... and I saw all the girls standing all the way on the other side of the garden.

Me: So it was a bit of a misunderstanding as to what you were supposed to do then?

Cassandra: Exactly! But that was "my bad" on that challenge.

Me: Ok, well in your photo shoots, you portrayed a "meat-eater", a "high school cheerleader" and then you had to pose nude with ice cream (Cassandra: the jelly bean girl!) right! The jelly bean girl! So which one of those photo shoots was the most fun for you?

Cassandra: The "meat" photo shoot was really, really fun for me because I am a meat-eater! And it was kind of scary, but sexy at the same time. I had some really fierce makeup on that shoot and it was just a really good time. There was meat all over the table and I had a chance to get messy but be gorgeous at the same time.

Me: Your makeup was pretty flawless on that shoot. (Cassandra: Thank you!) So which shoot did you like the least?

Cassandra: The shoot I liked least was the ice cream shoot because I was holding the ice cream in my hand, and I was the first girl to go, and the ice cream gave me
frostbite, really bad frostbite on my hand. And they didn't show that part, but I had to go to the hospital!

Me: Oh wow! (Cassandra: It was pretty bad..) I couldn't even imagine. Well what was some of the "model lessons" that you could honestly say you learned from being on the show?

Cassandra: That some of the dramatic looks that they put you in are not necessarily what you're always gonna like. Sometimes you might think that you would have more of an input, but they actually do exactly what they want to do to you. So you just have to learn to really work it and pull it off.

Me: Well now that you are gone, give me your top 3 picks of the girls left in the competition.

Cassandra: My top 3 picks would be
Jael, Natasha, Jaslene.

And out of those three, who do you think has the best chance of winning it all?

Cassandra: I would say, probably Jael.

Me: Ok, well what are some of your plans for the future?

Cassandra: Um, well I was working with an agency before I was on the show, and I'm gonna continue working with that agency, it's called the
Seattle Models Guild, it's a local agency in my town and they are fabulous! I'm also gonna pursue bigger and better things as well!

Me: Well great! So are you still rocking the same hairstyle from your makeover or have you since moved on?

Cassandra: Well I rocked that style for a good long while, but I just recently changed it, so currently I'm sporting a long, brown, layered weave.

Me: Well I have another question, it's a little off topic, I wanted to see how you felt about something that is going on right now in fashion. (Cassandra: Ok..) How do you feel about MEN, heterosexual men wearing stiletto heels?

Cassandra: (pauses) Really?! Where's that happening at?

Me: I saw it in a fashion forum on Vogue's website,
Cassandra: Umm, I think that's kind of weird, I don't know if a lot of people would want to see it. But I guess everybody has their own free choice to do what they want to do, but as far as fashion goes...
I don't think that's hot.

I feel the exact same way about that! Ok, well I have one last question for you. If I were out out your way, in the city of Seattle, and I wanted to shop, where would you send me?

Cassandra: I would send you... well that depends on whether or not you like vintage? (Me: I love vintage..) Well there's an awesome vintage store called
Red Light, and there's another great store call Atlas, and don't forget Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom.

Me: Yay! Shopping across America! Well thanks so much for talking to me Cassandra, I wish you could have stayed on the show longer, but I know that you'll be moving up to bigger and better things!

Cassandra: Aww thanks!


  1. This was another good one... She's a sweety.

    You mentioned her being "older." What's her age?

  2. Cassandra's 24, and Jael is the next oldest at 22. The rest of the girls are 21 and younger.

  3. I don't watch ANTM, because I don't watch a lot of TV. The interview was insightful. Cassandra is letting her light shine.

  4. I'm upset that the show is leaning toward drama and less towards modeling. Cassandra rocked every episode, so I'm a little confused to why she wasn't in the top 3. Keep modeling Cassandra! You got "it."