March 9, 2007

My Interview with ANTM's Samantha...

I got to speak with Samantha, the 2nd eliminee from Top Model, Cycle 8, and let me tell you... Top Model knew exactly what they were doing (for their show) when they eliminated Samantha. She was as quiet as a flippin' church mouse! You never saw her get in anybody's face, she never so much as even raised her voice on the show. She really kind of faded into the background, and you and I both know, reality TV is all about the DRAMA. Because DRAMA=RATINGS, period.

And never mind the fact that she called me "ma'am" (twice!) during the actual interview, but I had to actually use my super human hearing to even hear her a couple times. Bless her heart. She's gonna be fine... just as soon as she gets those brows waxed...

Anyways, check out my interview with her below and find out her favorite Top Model from past seasons, who she got close to in the house and how she really feels about what Tyra said about her not being quite ready to pursue modeling. Click here for the full interview.

Me: Hi Samantha.

Samantha: Hey, how are you?

Me: Good, how are you?

Samantha: I'm doing good.

Me: So you're from Pinson, Alabama, right? (Samantha: Yes ma'am.)

Me: Well tell me more about Pinson, where you're from.

Samantha: It's pretty small, a lot of people live there but there's really not a lot of stuff there, like we have 2 grocery stores and some gas stations...

Me: Ok, so it's not a big huge town.

Samantha: (Laughs) No.

Me: How close is it to Birmingham?

Samantha: It's like 10 minutes outside of Birmingham.

Me: Oh, that's pretty close. Samantha: Yeah.

Me: Ok, so you were the 2nd eliminee on Top Model, Cycle 8. Were you sad to be eliminated or was it a bit of a relief for you?

Samantha: Um, it was a little bit of both. Like when she [Tyra] told me I was eliminated, it kind of like hurt because that was the end of the journey, but then I was like, "Oh well. I'm eliminated." So I felt good about being able to go home and see my family.

Me: Did you watch a lot of Top Model before you made it onto the show?

Samantha: Yes, I watched pretty much all of the seasons.

Me: Oh, you did? Well who were some of your favorites?

Samantha: Probably my favorite, like overall, was Yoanna [Top Model Winner, Cycle 2].

Me: Oh. Ok, well Yoanna was a pretty girl, you kind of have a similar look to her.

Samantha: Thank you!

Me: Well how were you picked for the show? Did you try out or what?

Samantha: Well, my boyfriend and I were walking a marathon, and while we were walking, he was like, "I really think you could do this [make it on to Top Model]. So after, we went online and looked up the show and found out that they were gonna be holding open-call castings in Atlanta. So we drove out for that and eventually I made it on.

Me: Ok, well you know, I don't think I saw you interacting a whole lot with the other girls from your season. I think you even said that you felt different from the other girls, and you pretty much kept to yourself. Were close to ANYBODY in the house?

Samantha: See, that's what they didn't show. They didn't show me interacting with the other girls, and I really did! I got really close with Brittany and Renee, and I roomed with Sarah. I just wish they had shown some of that.

Me: So you don't think they portrayed your interaction with the other girls accurately? (big surprise... EDITING!)

Samantha: No.

Me: Well you had 2 photo shoots on the show, one where you were half of a lesbian couple and the other where you had to portray a high school cliche, the "girl with the bad rep". We already know how you felt about doing these photoshoots, but how did your family and friends react to you being shown that way?

Samantha: They were fine with it. They know how I feel about both subjects and they kind of laughed that I had to be the high school cliche, the girl with the "bad reputation" because I'm not like that at all.

Me: Well did you agree with what Tyra and the judges said about you needing a little bit more time to develop before you were ready to model?

Samantha: Well, I think that I'm mature enough to handle being in this industry. I mean that was her opinion, (uh-oh... somebody hold her back!) but I think I know myself better than she [Tyra] knows me, because she saw me like two times for about 5 minutes at the most?

Me: So do you think if you had stayed on the show longer, that you would have gotten more comfortable and done a little better?

Samantha: Umm, yeah, I definitely think so.

Me: Well what are your plans now that the show's over?

Samantha: I'm definitely gonna pursue modeling, get a portfolio together, and try to meet with other agents.

Me: Do you plan to stay where you are or is there a plan to move?

Samantha: There's definitely a plan to move, I just need to figure out where it's gonna be best for me and my career.

Me: Well who would you like to see win the whole thing?

Samantha: Probably Brittany. Or Renee.

Me: Ok, well if given the opportunity to do this all over, would you?

Samantha: Definitely, it was a great learning experience, you know, I got my foot in the door and I learned a lot, so yeah, I would definitely do it again.

Me: Good, I think that's a great attitude. Well thanks so much for talking to me Samantha and I wish you the best in the future.

Samantha: Thanks.


  1. I liked her, so pissed she got the boot.

  2. That's awesome you got to do an interview with her Chanel. I didn't like Samantha either she was too bland for the show.