March 8, 2007

Sweet Fire & Ice... Yum.

My husband and I drove down and met one of my cousins at a new New Orleans eatery, Sweet Fire & Ice last night (actually, it's in Metairie). It was our first time there and we all loved it! This particular cousin had been pushing to try this restaurant for weeks. The restaurant had an upscale, but hip club type vibe, that just happened to serve great food. The complimentary valet parking was an added bonus. I had the herb crusted salmon (ok.. yum!) and my husband had the Bone-In Ribeye Steak with a side of sweet potatoes that could have easily passed for a fattening dessert. We all started out with the broccoli balls (I think it was called "Bayou Broccoli" on the menu, but ok.. yum again!) and they were absolutely delish. The restaurant was dimly lit with music playing throughout. People were dressed in everything from jeans to dresses, to basketball jerseys. It was very comfortable and reasonably priced.

To finish, we had the Banana's Foster dessert which came in a tall martini glass with lots of whipped cream. It was all good. And filling. No baby portions there either, which can be both good and bad. My cousin made it there before us and waited for us at the bar and had nothing but rave reviews about the bar area and the fireplace in the middle of the room. Sweet Fire and Ice made for a memorable and very delicious evening. So if ya'll are ever in the city, and want a nice meal, Sweet Fire and Ice probably won't disappoint. Nice.

Sweet Fire & Ice
701 Veterans Boulevard
Metairie, LA 70005
Phone: 504-831-3437


  1. My boyfriend was telling me about it a few months ago...I reaaallly want to go now!

  2. Okay, they need to pay you a commission for this review. Never heard of this spot before, but I'm putting it on my agenda for the very near future!


  3. I know right?! I'm probably gonna send it to them. Maybe the next meal will be on them!

    Everything really was good though.

  4. Great, so this makes my Digiorno just seem so FAB right now.... :(

    BUT I'm with melody... this is a MUST GO for me and the beaux!

  5. my daddy's girlFri Mar 09, 09:48:00 AM 2007

    OOHHHWHEEEE, I gave a great idea! Chanel, Nitabita, and Sarah - lets dress up real cute and go to Metairie for a girls nite out and eat at this wonderful restaurant!!!

  6. Music way too loud to talk to someone.
    Dessert bartender couldn’t read the printout of our order.
    Main bartender brought our dessert to the ice bar, but didn’t bring the milk.
    Bar was filthy dirty and sticky.
    Bartenders were too busy closing for the night to get my milk.
    Bartenders broke 3 glasses in 15 minutes in a rush to close before closing time.

    Celebrated our 3rd anniversary with them. Won’t celebrate anymore with them. Emailed this to sweet fire and ice, but their email doesn’t work!


  7. I thought this would be a great place to visit as well as I'm from New Orleans but live abroad now. I went at the end of July for a friends birthday. One person in our party ended up getting her wallet stolen from her purse during our meal. The restuarant staff wasn't very helpful, didn't offer to pay for her meal, and though we knew it was the shady couple next to us who left during after the wallet was stolen and before their food came they said they were unable to do anything. I'd give this one a miss.

  8. I did my review of this restaurant a few months after it opened and it was great, but in the months and the years that have passed since it's opening, I've been hearing nothing but bad things about it.

    It's like they've let the place deteriorate and they don't even care to do anything about it from everything I've been reading. Which is sad. It could be a great place. Management is usually to blame in situations like this. They should it shut it down if they can't do any better than what I've been reading about it.