March 6, 2007

Thrift Store Mini...

Look ya'll, there are potential GOLD MINES in your local Thrift Stores, trust. I don't know if it was the ANTM "Goodwill" episode that prompted me to go and check things out at the local "Great American Thrift" here in the city where I live, or it may have been that I had been holding on to a store credit from "Great American Thrift" since 2005, and I wanted to see if it was still ok to use (it was..). Because let me tell you.. I racked up.

I purchased like 6 dresses for under $20! Total. The dresses ranged in price from $1.98 to $4.88. Fabulous. All you do when you shop thrift is purchase, wash, iron and wear! Simple! Of course you add your own style spin to things to up your "chic" quotient, and VOILA! Thrift Store Magic! The dress I'm wearing above is a pullover linen blend mini dress with topstitching and a cute accent pocket, and anybody who reads this blog on the regular knows how I feel about pockets on dresses right about now (love!).

So I'm hoping that this will encourage you to check out the thrift stores in your own cities. So what, your city doesn't have the chic, upscale vintage shops like the ones in Los Angeles or New York. I'm telling you, don't sleep on 'em! Even if they don't look like anything, (the one here has ZERO chicness..) there are possible treasures to be found in them all.

Black linen mini dress: Great American Thrift!
Long Sleeve Black Tee: Old Navy
Black Opaque Tights: Target
Black Doll Bow Shoes: Target
Caramel Leather Jacket: Wilson's Leather

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