March 15, 2007

Top Models Made Over...

Well Cassandra was eliminated last night, and that was a bit of a bummer, but at least she got her wig upgraded before she was given the boot. See, that's called focusing on the positive. But still, it was a little sad to see her go. I think the rest of the girls took her departure pretty hard as well. I'll be talking to her later to find out exactly what she thinks went wrong. Anyways, the makeovers took place last night and I was all excited! But after everything was done and over, the only makeover I was really feeling was Dionne's. The rest of 'em were just... meh. But I'll tell you who gained major points with me after last nights episode, and that was Whitney! Not because of anything she did in any of the challenges, but because of her compassion toward Jael after Jael found out that her friend overdosed. Whitney prayed with her. On television. Unashamed. What a powerful moment in primetime T.V. Kudos, and Brava! To the CW Network for not cutting that scene. Real talk right there. Ok now, on to the makeovers...

Dionne was my fave makeover of the night... and what a pretty girl she is. I couldn't much see it before.

I think Whitney's makeover was an upgrade. This Beyonce pose she's doing right here is a downgrade. Click here for the rest of the Top Model makeovers.

I didn't much like Renee's makeover. Or her stank attitude. She comes off to me as a very jealous, insecure type person, and she doesn't hide it that well either.

If they were trying to make Natasha look more Russian? They succeeded.

They basically trimmed Jaslene's ends and then called it a makeover. But still an upgrade.

Felicia's makeover was an upgrade as well. I didn't like that blonde a whole lot on her. And her new bangs add a nice bit of drama to her face.

Surprisingly (for me), I think Sarah is cuter as a blonde. But the brunette does give her an edgier look.

I'm still trying to figure out what they did to Diana? Anything?

Jael had to endure getting her hair braided, getting the weave sewn in, then endure Jay and Tyra deciding that they didn't like how it was all turning out. She then had to endure them taking it all down and then cutting her hair shorter. I can't even fault her for breaking down on the spot. Anybody that's ever had their hair braided, weaved or any other ALL DAY hair styling type process knows what I'm talking about. Not cool. But her look was a definite upgrade.

And this poor child, she had to endure getting a tight weave sewn in. And she made sure to let everybody know how uncomfortable it was. (The "black girl pat" was in full effect, lol!) I still like Brittany though, even with all the whining she did last night. She takes FABULOUS pictures. I'm looking for her to go pretty far. Don't forget to check back for my interview with Cassandra, the third Top Model eliminee!


  1. I like Whitney's before.. ACtually I think her before and after are identical!


    It's not that I didn't like her or anything before Wed. night... I just didn't really notice her.

    Her compassion towards Jael is, to me, what being a woman of God is all about. LOVE IT! And love that CW aired it!

    I like Jael, want her to do well. She's so easy going, "I am what I am", and I love it.

    I'm tired of that one blonde chick complaining about Jaslene all the time though (RENEE)... even if she doesn't like her, which is clear, she needs to quit boo-hooing so dawgone much about it. SHEESH!

    But her hair cut is FIERCE.

  3. AND CAN YOU BELIEVE Jael is HALF Black???

    Is it by blood? I thought I heard her say that's the case... wow, that's cool.

    Oh, and her hair-cut/color makes her look much older IMO. But I like's chic.

  4. Yeah, she is! And I think I remember her saying that her MOTHER was BLACK and her dad was white.

  5. I couldn't agree more about Renee. I HATE her so much! She always has a negative complaint about everything! I couldn't put my finger to her attitude but you pretty much explained it: she's a jealous and insecure person. Her makeover is gorgeous, but she completely shuns her beauty with her ugly personality.

    I don't think Brittany has that modelesque look, but she takes amazing photos! She's my favorite when it comes down the judging panel and Natasha is my favorite in person when she's not talking.