April 12, 2007

ANTM's Whitney is Eliminated...

This is bonus footage of Whitney speaking candidly in the ANTM confessional last week before her elimination. She offers a few encouraging words...

I'll be talking to her on tomorrow so stay tuned for the interview! And just a side note to the "Top Model" people... a size 8 is plus size now?

Uh-uh. I don't think so.


  1. Okay! Hell, then a size 10 must mean I'm obese!


    WHAT is the world coming to??!?! Size 8?!?!

    I like Whitney, she's my G! Rep girl, REP!

    You don't need Tyra to do your thang! You are fully aware of whom your source of strength, favor, and drive is. Gon' get it girl!

  3. I predicted she would be going home two weeks after diane.When Tyra put both plus-size models up for elimination I said whitney pack your bags you have 2 wks tops. Tyra is all talk she would never let aplus-size model win. Look how she carried toccarra. She claimed she lost her spark. Bull.Toc. was getting more shine than her and she couldn't take it. Exhibit B Danielle although she's not a big girl she still hated on her.Anyone who shines on that show, she tries to rip them. How the hell did naima and that chick who beat nik win. Tyra is a fake and a phony. Sorry but I had to go there.

  4. WTF? a size 8? no way... I wear a size 10 and im way smaller than her... hmmmm...