April 5, 2007

Cute, Not Cute? "Jewelry-fied" Cellphone Ankle Strap

From their press release: The CPC Strap™ is very unique. It's the world's first and only cell phone case accessory on the market that has Jewelry Strap Loop Attachments™ that allows you to personalize the case by attaching cell phone jewelry, beads or charms to match necklaces, bracelets, earrings, handbags and shoes. Customizing the CPC Strap™ is limited only by your imagination!

When you wear your Bluetooth headset and your cell phone strapped around your ankle: * You have flair * You have a strong sense of style. * You are a trendsetter and you don't mind being the center of attention.

Gary Fortson, the inventor of the CPC Strap™ said, "I created the multi-wearable case to enable cell phone users to have their say in how they wear their cell phone and give them the power to personalize the CPC Strap™ to reflect their own individual style".

This is absolutely too much for me. And ya'll should already know...

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  1. Holy Hot Mess Batman! I'll pass on this one. Does it come with thigh strap for your pistol?! Nah, I can do without... clipping to my purse or belt works for me.

  2. LOoks like somebody tried to "jewelry-fy" their house arrest bracelet...

  3. My mouth is still open!!!! A straight ghetto mess!!!

  4. So ghetto fab.. no, wait, it's just ghetto!!! Looks like a house arrest anklet with a pair of earrings stuck on it.

  5. Ok, this is beyond me...

    And WHAT on God's green earth is "multi-wearable"???!?!

    Lol @ house arrest anklet... SO true!

  6. Ugh...not cute, not cute at all! The ankle strap screams "I'm on house arrest!". Mix that with those country white shoes...hot mess!

  7. So every time you want to talk on your cell you have to touch your toes to get to it? This concept was not well thought out, stupid AND not cute. Just bad.

  8. It's certainly original. That wins you a lot of points. It's an interesting concept, and the beads are cute.

  9. Just hideous...and with heels yet. What a mess. ICK!