April 18, 2007

Cute, Not Cute: Victoria and Jessica...

Drusilla Winters I mean, Victoria Rowell looked chic, sophisticated and polished yesterday in Los Angeles as she continued to promote her new book, "The Women Who Raised Me". She looks good don't she?! And you could have knocked me over with a feather when I found out recently that she is 47 years old! She'll be 48 next month! Absolutely flawless. I miss her already... (Y&R). Definitely Cute, and I'm totally gonna steal that look.

Jessica Simpson, on the other hand, wasn't looking as polished with her great-grandma's high-waisted, throwback (but pushing to be "hot" right now), sweet potato pickin', country yard pants on last night in West Hollywood. Sooo not cute, and I think it's pretty safe to say, that NO ONE would want to steal this bumpkin style.


  1. I love Victoria Rowells look, I dont know if I would have done the hat, but it's more her style and it's put together very nicely.

    This Jessica Simpson thing has been wracking my brain all day. First of all.. Did she skip a button because it looks lopsided, not only that, but it looks like a baby diaper AND make her look 40 pounds heavier. It could possibly be a cute outfit, but she makes it look HORRIBLE.

  2. ^^^ I agree! I think had I seen Jessica's look on, say, Ciara (b/c of her great figure), it might have been a tad bit more acceptable.... BUT, I'm still not one who you'll EVER catch sporting these great-grandmama's pants. Ever.

    Victoria's look, uber chic. Love it.

  3. The pockets on Jessica's pants are just wrong! They should have been in the back to give her rear some shape, instead they're in the front and make her look puffy. I agree with Juiicyscoop - they look lopsided.

    Victoria's blowout is gorgeous!!

  4. I concur! ;) Jessica's look is just funky and it makes me wanna go to the bathroom. This new "hot" look only makes me think of Chrissy from Three's Company. Sorry, that ain't a look I'm trying to channel right now. :)