April 18, 2007

Fashion No No...

Okay, you know what? I'm gonna go out on a limb and give Halle the benefit of the doubt here. She didn't realize her dress was as sheer as it is, and she also didn't know that the paparazzi would be bidding her farewell at the airport with all their x-ray strength lightbulbs. Because her undies (and her bumcake... and you'll have to excuse my terminology there, it comes from having young nieces and nephews..) are clearly visible from the back, but again, I'm sure that this wasn't intentional on her part.

All that being said, VTL (visible thong line) is just as bad a problem as VPL (visible panty line) if not worse. Whether you can see the thong clearly like in the pics above or just the friggin' IMPRINT of it, a visible thong line is just not the best look. The whole point of wearing a thong is to give the appearance of not having on anything, a smooth and finished look underneath your clothing. If people can see your panty line or worse, your thong line/imprint... well, what's the point?

VPL=Negative 6 points.
VTL=Negative 2,478 points.
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  1. +5,000 points for that ass.



  2. LOL @ previous comment.... ok, sorry, that's SO not the topic of discussion.

    Yeah, Halle, girl, *smh* you gotta always be prepared... But I think you're right Chanel, I don't think she realized what happened.