April 4, 2007

Fuschia Lips, "Must Have" for Spring?

Ok, the mystery behind this bright fuschia lipcolor trend is solved. I spotted this over at People.com, Off the Rack. Apparently fuschia is the new "must have" lip color for Spring. The post said that Fergie kicked off the fuschia trend back in December, and ya'll know your girl Beyonce wore it a couple days ago. Here's what Beyonce's makeup artist Francesca Tolot had to say about the look:

"I was going for an 80's look for Beyonce with the green eyeshadow and the fuschia lipstick. I think 80's retro makeup will be big for the summer."

I'm sorry, but bright fuschia lips are just not for me.


  1. Ok, no. There is NOTHING about 80's style makeup that needs to make a comeback. It's bubblegum, harsh and just all around not a good look. Dayum. If they told us that jerry curls were going to be hot like chicken grease this summer, would everyone be running around looking like Soul Glo?? The mentality behind "what's in" just really gets that ridiculous sometimes. ;)

  2. Nikky, you are absolutely right... I refuse to jump on every "it's HOT right now!" bandwagon everytime one rolls around, lol! And fuschia lips is definitely one train I won't be riding.

  3. O.k. this color makes me wanat to vomit and Beyonce better check her people for putting that on her.

  4. I dont know about fuschia with green eye shadow however fuschia is very wearable.