April 25, 2007

High-Waisted NONSENSE... Please Make It Stop.

I've looked and looked at this high-waisted trend, and I just cannot in good conscience, get behind this extreme foolishness look. I mean look at these jeans! They're nothing more than the "Mom" jeans from the SNL skit done a few years ago! And have you peeped the madness that is that pair on the far upper right? How seriously insane are those jeans??? The zipper on those things is about 10 feet long! And no, they're NOT photoshopped. At all. Check them out for yourself here. Unreal. I mean, what woman seriously wants to wear a pair of jeans where the zipper stops right beneath her breasts? I understand that fashion changes and evolves, recycles and repeats, but this right here, is just all types of wrong. NOT CUTE.


  1. They need to stop this nonsence for real.
    Thx for stopping by my Blog, it lead me to yours and I am loving it.

  2. Oh my WORD!!!!

    I can't believe what I'm looking at... particularly that photo in the top far right... And just like you mentioned, the first thing that popped in my head was photoshop b/c I couldn't fix my mind around how that look is even anatomically POSSIBLE!!!

    How do you sit down without cracking a few ribs?!

    This reminds me of my 9th grade biology teacher whom we often compared to a kangaroo b/c she chose to wear these "high waisted" jeans over her tummy, yielding a look similar to the pouch of your famous marsupial.

    Just, wow. I could go on for days about the "wrong-ness" of this.

  3. Those jeans are an ATROCITY aren't they?! Make sure that when you click to see them that you "click for more images" of the jeans.

    Those jeans are truly a sight. From ANY angle.

  4. Ok no! It's just wrong...makes me disgruntled just looking at them.

    Seriously, these pants have a way of making your butt look exponentially larger - so not cute! And the ones in the upper right corner would just make your figure look totally flawed, like a giant came and stretched you out and left you with a miles-long torso...gross!

  5. I will definitely let this trend pass by. If you have the slightest tummy pouch, they'll look like maternity pants! LOL

  6. Oh you're going to hate me... but I love the high-waisted! I'm so glad to see the skinny jean insanity finally dwindle and happily embrace the wide-legged/sailor front/ high waisted pant. But you're right - they're not for everyone!

  7. they are not for anyone


    I like the high waisted jeans...

    I bought some and im going to get them tailored in! to look right!!!

    High waisted jeans are not for everyone!(It Depends on your body type)

    The pictures you have up are very bad!!

    alot of chicks on the street in NYC and downsouth are rockin thoes Jeans with the best Of them!

    J Lo rocked thoes high waisted jeans right!!!

    THE MOM JEANS ARE NOT HOTT!!! The Original jeans like Dee Cee and classic jeans are Hott!!! They create a waist for the girls that dont have one.... and give you that hr glass figure!!!

  9. Ouchh.
    Some of the best celebrities are being seriously corrupted by these!
    They're rather disturbing, eh?
    In my opinion, they belong in the rubbish.
    All they do is give you a huge stomach, jumbo hips, and short legs with an unbelievably LONG torso.
    I don't know who you're kidding, NOBODY can rock that look.
    This is seriously disgusting.
    Somebody needs to save those poor celebrities.

  10. I never much cared for what's "in style" anyways... I'll just stick to low-rise.

  11. SometimesSheFeelsSoSadSat Apr 28, 08:47:00 PM 2007

    I'm sorry, but at 47 I feel I have come so far. Too far in fact, to go back to covering up my navel.

  12. I am only 12 years old but love fashion and let me tell you, i HATE these things. i mean my mom wears them all the time (they are the only kind of pants she wears) and i HATE them!!! I would rather see booty shorts than THESE!!!!!!!!

  13. I hate seeing girls with low waisted jeans who have a huge belly hanging out, and underwear often showing. I would rather have high waisted jeans than that.

  14. THESE ARE FUGLY!!! Trash the idea of these and let stick to skinny, and low rise and any other but these.

  15. I'd rather see them up to the waist then down around the crotch like we have been seeing. Cover your back side ladies and your front too.. I don't need to see your crack, nor do I need to see your belly hanging out. Hurray for waist lenght Pants!

  16. I wear low rise jeans but I always get low rise jeans in a cut that works for me and DOES NOT ever show my ASSets or my undies thank you berry much. ;) This high waisted nonsense is for the birds, I'm yet to see it look good on anyone.

  17. At least every young girl starting at age 12 won't look like she belongs on the vegas strip or the 50 year old with the thong showing. The picture is way overdone, looks like it was redone to make the pants higher. I love the way my butt looks in the mom's jeans

  18. I will NEVER put on a pair of low rise. Let's not confuse the fashion nightmare you pictured above with "normal" waisted pants. There are very few woman that can wear a shirt tucked in their jeans and make it look good!

  19. I realize that that picture looks WAY overdone, but the ridiculous thing about it is IT'S NOT!!! Click the link to view those sky high-waisted jeans to see for yourself, they are actually on sale at Caliroots.com... just as you see them above.

  20. IllusionsaregranderSat May 05, 02:46:00 PM 2007

    This is proof positive that high fashion is designed by men who want to be, err..... hate women. Not only do these jeans look ridiculous on almost everyone, they are also painful to wear. Particularly when sitting down. Granted, some of the muffin toppage is unattractive, but at least they are comfortable. I wonder if this means the camel toe is going to make a come back this season also????

  21. Were you born in 1990 or something?

    The women displayed here are the worst possible examples. One could just as easily make an example of all the females that should not be wearing the trendy plumbers crack pants.

    This trend obviously predates your time on this earth... and dates me. lol. Before you discredit it, look to better examples from the 70s and 80s. Old sitcoms like Good Times, Diff'rent Strokes, Too Close for Comfort, WKRP, can lend some easily accessible insight, as well as the drama Eight is Enough (Elizabeth...)

    The point you are missing is how fashion evolved to shape a womans body. High waisted fashion stems from use of corsets which can and do permanently mold a body over time.

    Low waisted pants promote nerve damage and muffin top.

  22. High waisted jeans makes you look like you HAVE a butt, low rise jeans are trashy, you all look like sluts, with your damn underwear hanging out, and those stupid "tramp-stamp" tattoos above your crack? Gawd you girls look ridiculious!

  23. I wear low waisted skinny jeans, high waisted boot cut jeans, low waisted normal jeans, normal skinny jeans; basically every style of jean except flair- and I think they all look fabulous.

    My favorite styles are the high waisted boot cut and the low-rise skinny, they both give me this beautiful hourglass figure. I'm 17, btw.

  24. i think high waisted jeans are just lovely.

  25. This is dumb. Jeans at the waist are NORMAL. It's just that fat people like the 70's hip-hugger because it hides their huge stomach and fat thighs (for women), like the Texas belt, by not extending all the way to the waist. That's why the so-called low rise, or actually hip-hugger, is now popular again. If people have a problem with women wearing so-called mom jeans, then you have a problem with them wearing well fitted pants in general. I understand that some women choose pants that don't fit and are too tight, like the butt picture above, or too loose, like the SNL picture below, but when women chose pants that fit with a regular rise it looks exceptionally better than low-rise pants. We need to stop stuffing our faces with food, lose weight, and start wearing pants with a regular rise (about 11") again. The low-rise pants just look ridiculous because they make the torso look abnormally long, especially when you tuck in your shirt.