April 19, 2007

My Interview With ANTM's Jael...

I had the chance to speak to Jael earlier, and she was just as endearing off the show as she was on. She's really humble, but at the same time, she's no pushover. She's tough but sweet. You know, kind of like those hard candies with the soft centers... okay, enough of my metaphors. Check out my interview with her and find out how she was discovered for the show from her Myspace page, the bizarre chain of events that led to her getting thrown into the pool at the 50 Cent party, (big surprise.. it's more than what was shown) what she thought about the judges and her big plans for a future in television...

Check out my interview with Jael below...

Jael: Hi Chanel!

Me: Hey Jael! How are you?

Jael: I'm awesome! How are you?

Me: I'm good. Well congratulations on making it to the top 6.

Jael: Thank you very much!

Me: And you got to go to Australia.

Jael: I know! That was my goal.

Me: You know, I've interviewed all the girls from your season that were eliminated before you and when I'd ask them who they would most like to see win the competition since they were no longer in it, your name came up the most.

Jael: Really?!

Me: It really did.

Jael: Wow! I'm so honored. That means that I really accomplished my second goal which was to make strong relationships with all the girls in the house.

Me: I think that you did a good job in accomplishing that. Well you're from Detroit, Michigan right?

Jael: Yes ma'am! I'm from Detroit, born and raised and proud!

Me: Tell me something fantastic about Detroit.

Jael: Detroit has the most artistic, intelligent, courageous, wonderful and wise human beings I have ever met in the world! The city is full of such diverse people. And I am so proud to represent one of those people.

Me: I think you represented Detroit well.

Jael: Thank you so much!

Me: How did you end up getting picked for the show?

Jael: I actually got scouted from my Myspace page by one of the Top Model Casting Directors.

Me: Really?!

Jael: Yeah, and actually at first when she contacted me, I thought she was just kidding! People had been telling me, "you know, you should be on that show!" and I always just laughed it off. But I ended up going and then I made it to the second round and I never thought they were gonna call me back for semi-finals, but when they did, I decided I was gonna give it my all.

Me: That is really... wow. Scouted from your Myspace page? That is different. I had no idea that they even went that route.

Jael: Well I had like tons of blogs on my page because I write poetry and stuff, and the Casting Director told me when she contacted me that she had read all of my blogs, and that I seemed really interesting and that I was really tall. She told me that she thought I would be perfect for the show!

Me: Tell me about your about your interracial makeup again.

Jael: My mom is African-American and my dad is Jewish. So I'm White, Black and Jewish!

Me: Oh, ok. Well let's go back to the makeover episode for you. The stylist started braiding your hair for a weave at first, but then they decided against it so they had to take it all down, and then they cut it short. How long was that whole process exactly?

Jael: Yeah.. that took 8 hours, and I've had a weave before, but my hair was really, really short because I had bleached it so much. So to braid that really short hair was the most painful thing in the world. They should have just cut it in the beginning. They really should have left it alone, I had awesome hair!

Ok, I wanna ask you about the situation at the 50 Cent party. What really happened there? Because after speaking to some of the other eliminated girls, they said that a lot of things that actually happened on the show were really edited, so I wanted to find out from you what happened for real.

Jael: Well actually, and they didn't show this, but with 50 Cent, like I talked to him, then I left to go and talk to somebody else. And a couple times, he sent Whitney over to get me, and she came over a few times to tell me that 50 wanted to talk to me. So I'd go back over there and then he'd be like, "I told you to go away!"

Me: Are you serious?! So that was a bunch of stunting for the cameras?

Jael: Yeah. So all I have to say about that is that I wish that had been Young Jeezy instead!

Me: You are hilarious! I wanna ask you about the judges, because they were really hard on you about your speech, but they were also hard on Danielle about her heavy Southern accent, and she still ended up winning! So why do you think you were eliminated?

Jael: Because I didn't conform. And to them, you know.. they're in charge, they run the show, and I'm Jael, and I'm used to running the Jael show. I don't really take well to authority, I like for everybody to be on the same level. So I guess I came off as not really adapting to what they were looking for, and that's totally fine, and I respect their opinion. I was just being the best "me" I could be.

Me: You're really a free spirit.

Jael: Oh definitely, you know... I support myself 110%, and I do my best. But everybody doesn't like everything.

Me: Right, right. Well, what would you say your favorite part of the whole Top Model experience was?

Jael: Wow, you know I feel that it was so liberating to express myself worldwide and stand up for all the people that never really quite fit into the mainstream, and just to set a good example to be a strong, independant, intelligent, caring, positive human being. I really learned so much about myself, I really did.

Me: That's great. The fact that you're able to say that makes the experience all worth it then.

Jael: Yeah, I'm so proud to be able to represent my city and just finding myself to be that strong personality.

Me: I think that's wonderful. Well since you're no longer in the competition, who would be your pick to win America's Next Top Model?

Jael: I was really, really close with all the girls, but Brittany was like a "sneak attack" in the photo shoots you know?! If you saw her on the street, I mean she's a beautiful girl, but you wouldn't think she could be a supermodel, but man, when she's posing for those photos, she is AMAZING!

Me: She really is, and I totally agree with you there. So what's next on the agenda for Jael?

Well, I'm hopefully going to be doing my own television show. I look forward to doing a show that involves shining the light on bands and artists that have yet to be exposed to the world.

Me: Oh ok, that seems like a natural fit for you.

Jael: Yeah, I'm so into art and there's so many amazing, but struggling artists out there that just need a little bit of exposure, so I just want to give that to them. Right now, it's an idea, but since I'm off the show now, I'm ready to pitch it!

Me: I think you would do well with that, I think whatever you decided to do, you would do well, are you gonna continue modeling too?

Jael: Oh I definitely will continue modeling, but I'd really like to go into the artistic part of the industry, more so than the commercial part. You know, I like to get in where I fit in, I'm not a "poser!" I don't have an Australian accent. I tried though!

Me: Well, I know a lot of people were rooting for you and some people were probably upset when you were eliminated.

Jael: I think everybody who was rooting for me should root for themselves, because we're just a bunch of misfits and somehow we all fit in together!

Me: Well thanks so much for talking to me Jael, and I wish you nothing but success in the future!

Jael: Thank you so much! And whenever I'm doing a project in the future, please, please find me!

Me: I'll certainly do that!

Jael: Thank you so much!


  1. I "HEART" Jael!

    What a sweet heart!!!

  2. I have to be honest, I cannot stand her...I have been rooting for her to get the boot this entire season.

    But this interview definitely made her seem a little bit more normal.

    Maybe it's because I can't hear her voice. :)

  3. Jael is awesome. I love how she's fearless. She just enjoys herself an doesn't care what people think. That's fabulous. I wish I could rock her haircut. I LOVE it.

    Awesome interview!



  4. i have to say that your interview with jael really made me appreciate her more....but im most happy to say that i can now see the site again with mozilla :)

  5. Jael really seems like a nice girl to me.

    And YAY cali chick! Hopefully everything is fixed RE: Mozilla.

  6. i wonder if the pool 50 shoved her in (which by the way was totally unacceptable even if jael were being rude - which it sounds like she wasn't anyway) was full of smart water. that would have been the ultimate product placement.

    p.s. i seriously don't want brittany to win and i don't know why i don't. go jaslene/natasha!

  7. i met jael.. she tours with the band saves the day and she is an absolute sweet heart!

  8. i LOVE jael!!! she was the most awesome person on the show and i was rooting for her all the way! I would love to meet her --> she was the best! =D

  9. i really thought Jael had the most model potencial and if i got the chance to meet you Jael (if you ever read this) it would be the most amazing experience iv ever had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)