April 6, 2007

My Interview With ANTM's Sarah...

I spoke with Sarah on yesterday, and we talked about her photography a bit, but she also threw a couple curve balls during the interview. Like she's really into music. So much so, that she's working on an album. Didn't see that one coming did you? I know I didn't. But anyway, peep my interview with her to find out more about her burgeoning music career, how she worked out her problems with "posing", and who her top 3 picks are to win the big prize.

Check out my interview with Sarah...

Sarah: Hi! How are you?

Me: Good, how are you Sarah?

Sarah: I'm doing good! Really busy, but very good.

Me: Oh, well that's good! Let's get right to your elimination. You seemed to take it pretty hard, were you surprised when Tyra gave Whitney the photo instead of you?

Sarah: Umm.. I was, I didn't want to go home, I was having so much fun there and I really wanted to prove to the judges and prove to myself that I could let go of that, and stop "posing" so much. But I realized that I don't have to prove that to the judges, I just have to prove it to myself and just be myself and I'll be fine.

Me: Exactly. So you're from Illinois right?

Sarah: Yes I am, Chicago! Well I'm originally from Lake Zurich but I live in Chicago now.

Me: How far is Lake Zurich from Chicago?

Sarah: It's about 45 minutes.

Me: Oh, that's not far at all, is it like a suburb?

Sarah: Yes it is.

Me: Ok, so you are a photographer by trade right?

Sarah: Yes, I am a photographer by trade.

Me: How long have you been doing that?

Sarah: I've been doing photography since I was about 14, and I've been shooting professionally since I was 18 years old.

Me: Oh wow, ok, well is there anywhere that we can see some of your work?

Sarah: Yes you can! It's www.sarahvon.com! (And when you get to her page, don't be surprised, but the singing voice and music is her... more on that in a minute...)

Me: Oh great! I'll make sure to post that.

Sarah: And I've also been doing music lately too, I've been recording an album.

Me: What type of music?

Sarah: It's pop, kind of Sheryl Crow meets Corinne Bailey Rae if that makes any sense. It's blues, but pop at the same time, and I've been busy, busy, busy! We're recording 3 days a week now, and I've been talking to record companies.

Me: I had no idea that you were into music.

Sarah: Well I've been singing since I was little.

Me: Ok, back to Top Model and your experience as a photographer, the judges kept saying that you looked "posed", do you think your experience as a photographer helped or hurt you?

Sarah: I think it both helped and hindered everything because, the knowledge of the industry helped so much with different challenges and things like that. It was just knowing what to talk about, especially at that party (hosted by 50 Cent). But it also hindered me in the photo shoots because I was very analytical, and I was just thinking way, way too much so I've gotta stop doing that!

Me: So do you think that photographers, in general, would have a harder or easier time on the other side of the camera?

Sarah: It's just a different side of the camera. I believe that it'll make me a better model in the end because I do know photography. I don't know, it's difficult because its two very different places.

Me: Ok let's go back a week to the window display challenge where you, Dionne and Renee won after Whitney's group was disqualified. There was an issue of you taking all the credit for your win on that challenge, do you wanna address that?

Sarah: Oh, I would love to address that! Because I don't think that that was portrayed the way it happened. My job was to get all of the decorations for the display, and when I came back, we had to pick out our clothes, and I saw the blue, so I asked, "can I wear the blue?" because I love the color blue, you probably always saw me wearing my blue jacket! So I did help to pick out my outfit, and I had apologized to Dionne and Renee for not giving them any credit, I was just excited at the time that I had won that challenge.

Me: Well of course they didn't show you apologizing (reality TV is such a spin game!).

Sarah: I know they didn't, I know! But I felt so bad, and I was like, "but I apologized!" And I talked to them and everything, because I'm not one of those people, you know, I'm not a mean person whatsoever, so it was hard, because I knew that all the people watching the show were probably like, "Sarah's so mean!"

Me: You don't seem mean at all.

Sarah: Thanks!

Me: You went from being a blonde to being a brunette on the makeover episode, which shade do you actually prefer?

Sarah: You know, I really dig the brown, I'd never had my hair colored brown before, I'm natural blonde. But it's so hard to keep up, so I did dye my hair back blonde after being off the show, because it's too much maintenance and I'm really lazy! That's why I love having short hair, I can get up and not even dry it in the morning, I can just shower and just leave it. So I'm back to being blonde, and plus its good for the music because I've always been blonde, and I want to represent me, you know?

Me: Well onto the topic of Renee, after ya'll's talk with Tyra about Renee, your group talk, did the situation with Renee change any before you left?

Sarah: Umm, you know what, I didn't really get a chance to see it that much to tell you the truth, but the only thing I can say about that is actions speak louder than words. So I guess we'll see what happens, because I think Renee, deep down is a sweet person, but she just has to show that, so we'll see if she does or if she doesn't.

Me: Since you're no longer in the competition, who would be your pick to win?

Sarah: I would have to pick Brittany, I think Brittany is adorable, as soon as they get rid of her friggin' weave! It's horrible!

Me: I know! It looked a mess on the episode this week! (Tyra really should be ashamed of herself for letting the people do that to that child's head...)

Sarah: Well, freakin' half of that thing comes out when you brush it! It's just kept getting thinner and thinner... it looks great in photos, but ugh! It was a cheap weave! And I don't know weaves at all, I'm just very glad they didn't give me a weave. But I would definitely say I'd like Brittany, or Jaslene to win it all, because Jaslene's from Chicago too, so I'm supporting Chicago, or either Jael. I would actually love to see Jael as the Cover Girl because I think that she would give a different spin to things. I love Jael, she's such a bright light, you know? Jael just makes everyone feel good around her.

Me: We've talked about your music and your photography, are you gonna continue to pursue modeling as well?

Sarah: Yes, definitely! I'm gonna continue to do my modeling, I've already spoken to my agent and everything, I'm gonna be meeting with him next week and whatnot, and he's super excited to have me back (at Elite Chicago) and I'll always have photography in my life, but right now, I feel like I'm concentrating on the music, it's turning into something amazing, so I can't wait! And you can hear the music on my myspace. (www.myspace.com/sarahvonderhaar).

Me: Ok, great. One last photography question, when you are shooting, do you prefer studio shots or natural lighting (outdoors)?

Sarah: Umm... ooh.. that's a very good question! I haven't gotten that particular question the whole time I've been here so far! I would have to say I prefer natural light because of the backgrounds outside. A lot of my photography deals with textures, and I love the juxtapose on someone who has very soft porcelain skin against a rugged textured backdrop. So more of those types of looks are usually outside, but I also like having more control when I'm doing the lights, so a lot of times I'll bring my lights outside. But I hate the studio. I think its too bland, too normal, unless I'm doing headshots, like a Richard Avedon style. I just love having an interesting shot, I love colors and that gritty outside, like you get the best stuff outside in Chicago, I love it!

Me: Well thanks so much for talking to me Sarah, and I hope you reach all your goals!

Sarah: Thank you so much!

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