April 30, 2007

Style Verdict: Bold Black & White Stripes

Sienna in Calvin Klein, Gwen in L.A.M.B., Thandie in Giles Deacon

I have to say that I'm not completely averse to this trend as I actually have a knit top with the exact same bold black and white stripe. Never mind the fact that my husband informed me that I looked like I was headed off to the "big house" when I wore it for the first time, lol! But the difference between a small strappy top and a whole dress made in this bold black and white stripe is pretty significant IMO. Or maybe I'm just trying to justify my own bold-striped top. I don't know... it's just something about seeing this much of it on these dresses that looks a little bit busy and kind of over the top to me. But what do you think? Do you love it? Hate it? Don't care? Would you wear it? I wanna know your style verdict.
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  1. i think that you just have to be careful the way you wear a striped dress. one like gwen stefanis defanitely wouldnt look good on the average person. but one like sienna miller which is a little softer might be more practical.

  2. I really like Sienna's. I think the one shoulder added to the diagonal stripe print on the other two make it all seem a little too costumey for me.

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  4. I like. But I don't think everyone/anyone can pull this look off.

    IMO, Gwen looks GREAT. I really heart that look on her.

    I'm not crazy about the puffy shoulder on Thandi, but other than that, I LOVE the cut of the dress (would've looked better w/2 wide shoulder straps).

    I'm not feeling Sienna's dress at all, it looks like a Dept Store flop. It just looks messy to me. Maybe it's her hair distracting me.

    Overall, I like bold stripes, but not on everyone.

  5. I like Sienna's look, but that's it. Mostly, I don't mind stripes when they're casually worn and definitely NOT in an evening dress. Sienna gets a pass though, it's awight.

  6. I don't think you can have it too baggy or saggy. That just makes me saddy :'[.

    Stripes look good on a thin frame, like Gwen Stefanis'.
    But the poofy && slouchy stripes, like on the other girls, just looks unappealing.
    But stripes can also look good in bright colors for a more happier tone. Or they can be striped shirts or hoodies paired with skinny jeans for a more rock esque look.

  7. I WANT Sienna's dress and it is sold out at net.a.porter.com.
    any idea where i can get it?

  8. Gwens dress is fantastic!!! I need it where could I get one or one similar?

  9. Does anyone know where I can get Sienna's calvin klein dress?

  10. Ok I soo love this dress & soo want it !!!! Can any1 help ??

  11. Im desperate to find a bold Bloack & White striped high waisted mini skirt or a tulip style. Anyone seen any in the shops? or have any help on where i can get one from?