April 9, 2007

Who Had The Look On Lock?

Iman vs. Karolina in Rachel Roy

Nicky vs. Hilary in Petro Zillia

Eva vs. Vanessa in Nanette Lepore



  1. For look #1 - Karolina owned it!
    For look #2 - Hilary made it cuter with tights

    For look #3 - Eva makes the dress look more polished

  2. #1 - Karolina
    #2 - Hilary (it looks cuter and demure with the tights as should a jumper)
    #3 - Eva's shoes are more appropriate for the style of dress.

  3. #1: Surprisingly, Karolina

    #2: Hillary, even though I hate the boots... the dress looks ALL wrong on that other chick. That, and the mere fact that Hillary combed her hair gives her the win with ease.

    #3: Umm, I like Eva's shoes with the dress better, but I like color (prob b/c of lighting & what not) better on Vanessa. But, I'll still give it to Eva, since she almost never gets my vote....My goodness that woman is tiny...

    Oh, and for the record.... If I could, I'd rock ALL of these dresses!!!

  4. karolina in rachel roy, hilary in petro zillia, and eva in nannette lapore

  5. Karolina, Hilary & Eva. I am in love with that Rachel Roy dress. Something about Karolina's belt just makes it POP a little more than Iman's. :)