April 10, 2007

You Asked, We Found: Ciara's Plaid Slingbacks...

Ciara wore a pair of black and white plaid platform slingbacks recently to the Kid's Choice Awards, and someone asked in my shoutbox a few days ago if anyone knew who made them, and at the time I, myself didn't have a clue. It was just recently that I stumbled upon the shoes while I was looking for something else...

The shoes Ciara wore are by Yves Saint Laurent and they retail for $795 according to Elle.com. (See www.ysl.com for more info). A few slightly similar (and a bit more affordable) alternatives are these by Charles David ($75), or these by Marc Jacobs ($180) or these by Stuart Weitzman ($165). So there you have it!

The YSL Slingback, $795


  1. You are the best! I can't believe you found them. Thanks!

  2. Great! Now can you find the dress, too?! lol... j/k. But the dress is super cute.

  3. That's just it, I have the dress! Gingham print. Lucked up on it like 3 months ago. Thought it would be cute to have these shoes in like pink or red. Cuz, the dress is black and white.

  4. Here's another similar pair with the same chunky sole as Ciara's. By JLo for $118, I ADORE them in gold. http://www.zappos.com/n/p/dp/21286590/c/113.html

  5. Only $795? That's all! Yea right! lol those are mad cute, Nikky your similar pair is very very cute!!!