May 25, 2007

Check My Boy Out! Then Check Out These Links...

Dude looks GOOD in that men's clothing ad don't he?! That's my boy Sie. Male model esquire, lol! You could have knocked me over with a feather when his fiance showed me this pic (yeah, sorry ladies... he's taken). I actually have a younger brother, but he's like a second one to me. He's representing for a men's clothing store in this ad, but he actually owns his own store. And he's on my link list [Sneaker Fetish]. Check him out!

Past Top Model Contestant, Bre, speaks on what she learned from being a part of ANTM [Fashion Nette-Work]

Some of the cutest ribbon heels, EVER! And theres a wait list. So sign up now!
[55 Secret Street]

A new twist on the mini dress... or is it? [Daddy Likey]
I tried on this exact Nicole Miller sequined mini when I was searching for dresses to wear to the Goddess of Dreams ball in Vegas. This dress is actually a lot cheaper online. (making a mental note...) [Edress me]

See the sequined mini dress look on two different celebs. And just in case you were wondering, yeah, I'm really diggin' this look. [Fab Sugar]

Smoking hot pieces from designer Elena Miro for chicks with curves. Nice. [Erica B's D.I.Y. Style]

Pics from Sarah Jessica Parker's "Bitten" clothing line (debuting next month at Steve & Barry's) as seen on Oprah! [Fashion Nette-Work]
This light vinagrette salad dressing is "lick your plate" DELICIOUS! Not that I actually do that or anything. [] I buy mine from Wal-Mart.
Halle Berry. Is she or isn't she? [Haute Gossip]
TLC's Chilli. 36 and looking GOOD! [Juiicy Scoop]
I didn't have an ounce of love for this song when it first came out. Now, I think it's not so bad. I even have it on my ipod! Media is a POWERFUL MACHINE. [Youtube]
Have a Great Memorial Day!


  1. What a handsome young man. I happen to know him. He's just not a "pretty face" but has a great spirit...Been by his store. It's off the chain!

  2. Shout out! :-) Handsome indeed! And smart, caring, funny, driven, Ok I'm done.

    ^^^Anonymous, you're absolutely right- PIVOTFOOT, is a must-stop shop! If you're in the area, you DON'T wanna pass up the opportunity to check it out!

    Great post HipCandy!!!... I think this one may be my all time FAVORITE!!!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ribbon heels!!! Wish I could erase that "3" off of the front of that price, though! ;-)

    "You can stand under my umbrella, -ella, -ella, eh, eh!"
    Yup, I'm pretty much addicted to this song now, too. The only one of hers that I will listen to, though.

    Question: Any word on the next season of Project Runway???