May 2, 2007

Fresh Produce Couture...

Leave it to Drew Barrymore to be way ahead of the rest of us when it comes to current trends, especially with this number. This dress is the perfect occasion for fill in the blank fun! Are you ready?! Here we go! When you look at the green gown that Drew Barrymore wore to the 6th Annual Tribeca Film Festival on yesterday in NYC, would you say that it reminds you of _______:
A) Onions?
B) Radishes?
C) A head of perfectly ripened cool iceberg lettuce?


  1. Radish gone green.

    It look horrible on her. She is to pale for that color.

  2. I'm thinking more like sea kelp.... I don't know... I mean, it's a nice dress. Something's just not right on her.

  3. Sarah is right - - - sea kelp indeed. Am I off my rocker when I admit that I actually, ABSOLUTELY, love this gown on her? I think the rich green color is welcome in this season, and the layered tiers make her look like a budding flower. Call me crazy - but I'm all for it.

  4. Maybe if her makeup was lighter and had a more "glowing" effect, as opposed to the pale skin with deep, dark red lips.... I don't know, I'm tryna make it work....

  5. I think she looks lovely and the dress is lovely...

    Although was Cameron wearing the same dress in a different color to the Costume Institute?

    If not the same, very similar.. although it look fabu on Cameron, too!